MADiSON – Grandpa’s Tools (Break The Shovel) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Grandpa’s Tools is one of the unlockable trophies and achievements. It can be unlocked whilst at Grandpa’s house and once you have successfully managed to find and locate the shovel.

Once you have the shovel we will then be required to go ahead and break it. The shovel can be found after managing to unlock the red door.

We will need to do this before we complete the well and padlocks puzzle

After you have successfully unlocked the red door (which requires you to take a photograph of it), we will then be in the crime room.

In this crime room there will be a well and our next puzzle, which will involve the well and padlocks. However, for the purpose of this guide we will want to locate the shovel.

The shovel that we need is easy to spot thanks to the fact that this room is actually quite small, that and the tool is actually just sitting right in front of us. (hint: It is to the right of the door)

Anyway grab the shovel and then attempt to use it on the well. This won’t open the well of course but it will unlock our trophy achievement.


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