Marvel’s Avengers : Vault Onboarding (SHIELD Cache) Location Guide

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After completing the main story of Marvel’s Avengers you will then enter the end game content, these usually consist of various different missions which can either be unlocked or replayed, one of which is the new mission chain entitled Reigning Supreme

Though this actual mission chain doesn’t lead to much in terms of actual story progression (despite it being called ‘Mission Chain’), instead it is merely there to supply further unlockable raid missions and of course eventually the Hive and solo-only missions too.

Anyway, when you first come across this (Step 1) you will find yourself needing to obtain a SHIELD cache

Now there are multiple different ways to get one of these caches, however a rather easy location to find one is during the Hulk character story. This is an easy location as it can be unlocked rather early on and thus you don’t need to level grind that much for it either.

However, first off you will need to complete the first part of the Hulk Iconic Mission which should be called Condition Green. Completing that one will then unlock the Heart of the Monster mission which is the follow-up part to Condition Green

You will find the Heart Of The Monster mission under the Utah Badlands section of the War Table.

If for whatever reason you cannot see it then be sure to check out your Objectives section of the menu, here it should tell you how to unlock it. It is possible that you may be required to complete certain objectives using The Hulk first

(Please note you do NOT need to be at the level in the above pictures in order to complete this specific mission, it is just for reference)

Once in the mission, complete the various objectives like you would for any mission thus far. Then when you exit an elevator and find yourself outside focus your attention to the North West

Here you should be able to see a large AIM building (pictured above), head here but do not enter it as we don’t actually need to. Instead from this building head to the left of it (towards the North West cliff walls)

What we actually need to find is a hidden cave which is on the North West cliff side, close to the actual AIM building. Remember to press the ‘UP’ button in order to bring up your treasure and hidden collectible locations if needed.

You will know if you have found the right area and cave entrance as there should be some AIM vehicles here.

Keep following the cave until you reach the bottom floor, here you should be able to find a switch that you can activate (as seen above), this will cause a nearby floor to move and reveal a set of steps to even lower ground.

The SHIELD cache that you will want will be a bright silver colour, though there are several other chests that can be opened here too there is only the one SHIELD cache, so be sure not to miss it.


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