Marvel’s Avengers : Bruce Banner (Hulk) & Captain America (Party Dialogue Banter) Compilation

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As you progress through the game you will no doubt encounter the various different party and character dialogues, these are often triggered by simply either walking up to the characters or standing next to them long enough.

Now we are obviously not on about the cinematic scenes as these only occur whilst you have the ability to control the characters.

I’ll also admit I personally didn’t encounter any of these until I had completed the actual story. Whether it was actually possible to trigger these prior to getting the games ending or not I’m unsure, so expect a few possible spoilers mixed in with these due to this and the fact I only collected these after completing the game. You have been warned!

This specific page will be dedicated to the various dialogues of the mighty Bruce Banner / Hulk. Bruce Banner was actually my personal favourite character in this game, thus I ended up going ham and I personally think that I managed to collect quite a lot of his dialogue amongst his fellow team mates. (I certainly covered more of his dialogue than any other character ha!) Anyway first up is the dialogue or banter between him and Captain America

NOTE: This is all from the base game, I am unsure if I’ll be adding anything from the upcoming dlc or not



* BRUCE BANNER: Always a pleasure, Cap.
* BRUCE BANNER: Getting some downtime, Cap?
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: I’ve had plenty already, thanks
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: AIM’s just the latest in a long line of bullies. You know what I think about bullies
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: I’m sorry I wasn’t there. When she came to you
* BRUCE BANNER: …You were dead
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: Still wish I could’ve done more
* BRUCE BANNER: You are here now. That’s what matters
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: I gotta ask. Are we doing the right thing?
* BRUCE BANNER: That question, coming from you, uh.. is making me extremely anxious.
What is the context?
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: Right! Sorry. No. With Kamala
* BRUCE BANNER: Ah. Well, Cap, that’s .. that’s not up to us
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: I was on board with making her an Avenger.
But.. that doesn’t negate the fact she’s 16
* BRUCE BANNER: That’s true.
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: You’re not worried?
* BRUCE BANNER: Oh I’m always worried. Um..

(this next part is currently glitched and shows Kamala saying this next sentance but in actuality it is still Bruce (See my video) )

* BRUCE BANNER (GLITCHED KAMALA): I’m just not naive enough to think we could stop her
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: So what do we do, then? How do we keep her safe?
* BRUCE BANNER: Stay out of her way, mostly.
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: … That’s going to be difficult..
* BRUCE BANNER: And.. Being there when she needs us. Like we are for every other Avenger
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: Well that I can do. I hope.
* BRUCE BANNER: Gotta be honest it still stuns me to see you like this
* BRUCE BANNER: Ha, ha, .. No.. Uh, just alive.
I feel like I went through most of the stages of grief, and then you … Show up
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: I can make myself scarce, if you’d like to finish grieving
* BRUCE BANNER: Look, I’m trying to tell you how much I missed you, okay?
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: It’s nice to know how many people miss you once you’re gone. Explaining your alive is another thing
* BRUCE BANNER: I mean, as hard as it was for us, I can’t imagine what it was like for them.
* BRUCE BANNER: The people who believed in us. You were a .. a symbol. You were more than one life
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: See, I don’t know if I agree with that. Every life is a symbol to someone. They all count.
* BRUCE BANNER: So what now? Does the symbol come back to life with you?
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: It’s not up to me.
* BRUCE BANNER: It did when you came out of the ice the first time
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: Not exactly the same symbol
* BRUCE BANNER: Can we talk logistics?
* BRUCE BANNER: *Sigh* The Chimera works if our team stays relatively small. But there’s a lot of people who want back in the fight, Cap.
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: Yeah, you have been getting messages too?
* BRUCE BANNER: More than a few..
* BRUCE BANNER: We need to expand. Which I understand is a scary proposition
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: We tried it once, and leveled a city. I see a problem
* BRUCE BANNER: Maybe fewer PR stunts, more.. real estate negotiation?
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: We might be getting ahead of ourselves
* BRUCE BANNER: I gave Kamala a room without thinking. Was.. Ah, just wondering if you’d .. disagree with the choice
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: Why would I disagree? I’d still be on ice if it weren’t for her
* BRUCE BANNER: She’s sixteen
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: Hate to break it to you, but sixteen-year-olds were signing up for war when I was a teenager
* BRUCE BANNER: I’m not .. trying to play devil’s advocate, I made a choice before I even really .. made the choice, if .. if you know what I mean
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: She’s pretty good at getting what she wants from us, it’s true
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: I’m glad we’re given another chance to make things right. Let’s give it all we got
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: You’re looking good
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: Happier, I mean
* BRUCE BANNER: Huh. I suppose that is true
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: Is it Kamala? Making you happier
* BRUCE BANNER: She certainly keeps me on my toes
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: That’s all it takes?
* BRUCE BANNER: Yeah. Guess that’s it
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: We’re gonna get knocked down a lot fighting AIM. Just know I’ll pick you up whenever I can
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: Quiet, huh?
* HULK: *Grunt of, agreement*
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: .. so I wonder sometimes .. is there a Steve Rogers outside of Captain America?
* HULK: *Grunt of, most likely, yes*
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: Thanks. That’s just what I wanted to hear
* HULK: *Grunt of, it’s been a long day*
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: You said it, pal

NOTE: For the Hulk conversations where he simply just grunts instead of actual talking, I have decided to put down my own thoughts of what he might of said based on the replies of the other characters. It is in no way shape or form based on anything concrete, I just decided to put my own thoughts down and have a little bit of fun and even perhaps be a bit different in this regard. Feel free to reply with what you think he may of said in the below comments section if you want 😛

* CAPTAIN AMERICA: You in here Bruce?

* CAPTAIN AMERICA: Kamala told me about .. how she found you
* BRUCE BANNER: Not my finest moment
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: You stayed. You have nothing to be ashamed of

* CAPTAIN AMERICA: Maybe I should get a plant
* BRUCE BANNER: What happened to the one I got you?
* CAPTAIN AMERICA: It uh..died. Sorry.

NOTE: When I tried to inspect Captain America’s room with Bruce I wasn’t able to inspect anything. I personally found this to be rather strange considering that Bruce can inspect everyone else’s room except for Captain America

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