Marvel’s Avengers : The Wonders Of Game Bloopers (Glitches / Bugs) Compilation


Glitches and bugs are obviously a common occurrence amongst video games, as well as other media too of course.

The long-awaited action RPG title ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ is no different and it unfortunately is currently riddled with them. I personally haven’t seen so many in my life.

Anyway moving on ever so slightly, we as many others are aware that the team behind the game are currently working on several fixes to these issues, chances are there are fixes to these issues that I’m about to post already. However, for those wondering these latest bugs and glitches where found only recently, the past week in fact.

Now bugs and glitches are expected especially with big games such as Marvel’s Avengers, however despite this we still could not resist posting the ones that we personally came across. I’ll admit most if not all of these are thankfully not exactly game breaking and have so far only happened the once, not that I have tried to repeat my possible actions and go scouting to repeat it or anything ha!

So lets begin..


This one occurred for me when I decided to leave a team of other players whilst the room was still loading, yes we where heading to the Ant Hill.

As you can see from the images above, whilst exploring the Ant Hill mostly all of the NPC characters only had their heads in tact as the rest of their bodies where missing.. spooky..


Keeping to the ‘spooky factor’ here, our next one was a mysterious moving hat that just happened to be scuttling around under this poor Shield member’s feet.

The problem is, is that this specific hat should not be here let alone moving too. Now obviously there was most likely an officer of some such below them causing this to happen. I think? or perhaps this ship really is haunted.. eep! Save me Bruce (sorry I currently have a bit of a crush on the guy at present, not going to lie I am very green these days *blush*)

I didn’t exactly do anything to cause this to trigger or at least I don’t think I did, I did have the game running for quite a while though as I have a habit of leaving my PS4 on idle for a good amount of time before either turning it off or resuming play. Still surely this would not of triggered anything unlike the mysterious disappearing bodies (posted above) which may of been triggered due to the way I left the team I was with.


This one occurred whilst I was running around with a team during an Assault On AIM Forces mission. As we where approaching a large room with Dreadbots the camera decided to have a mind of its own and I think at that point it is safe to say I had to quit out of the game as my Marvel powers where not good enough to take on a demented camera angle.

These kinds of glitches are rather common I’ll admit but still since I was in the process of adding other I decided to include it regardless.


This one occured when I was in a team and we had only just begun the Sabotage Hypercircuit Station mission.

After leaving the Chimera I immediately noticed that Captain America had left his shield here, in fact there where 2 shields and one of which had a mind of its own as it started darting towards the edge of the cliff.

The funny thing is though we did not even have a Captain America in our team, as it only consisted of Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Ms Marvel. I guess the man uses his shields to spy on us and keep us in check.. who knows..


This one happened whilst I was yet in another team this time with a Thor and a Captain America.

After riding the elevator to the floor we needed to get off at, both me (playing as Hulk) and Captain America fell through the floor as we left the lift. However, strangely enough Thor who yes he can fly but at present was not doing so just happened to run across just fine.

Now obviously the floor had not yet fully loaded in even though we personally would think that these lifts and elevators count as loading mechanisms, so wouldn’t the lift only open after the game has finished loading in the next area? Hm..


This final one occurred whilst I was trying to collect various different dialogues and banter between both Captain America and Bruce Banner, I was aboard the Chimera at the time when both Bruce and Captain America where talking about Kamala and making her an Avenger at the age of 16

As Bruce says his final sentence it changes from him saying it to instead being Kamala, apparently Kamala is not naive enough to stop herself ha!

I’ll admit though Kamala has to be the luckiest game character in video game history in so many ways. For one she is a huge Avengers fan and then she somehow manages to end up joining them, not only that but she also has one of the most sexiest male characters on her side all of the time *sigh* so much so that she can even poly-morph into him. Yeah, so lucky..


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