Tales Of Arise – The Masked Slave (Skit Compilation) Dialogue


One of the many features within Tales of Arise are the various skits, these are basically optional dialogue scenes that can be triggered by pressing the R1 button (Playstation)

The scenes can easily be missed since they require input, sometimes you need to complete certain activities for them to appear. This includes being in the correct location.

For viewing 300 different skits you will be rewarded with the Ceaseless Chatterbox trophy achievement

Anyway below is the The Masked Slave skit dialogue compilation

  • SKIT: The Masked Slave
  • LOCATION: Sandinus Ravine
  • CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Iron Mask, Shionne
  • SHIONNE – Can you even see out of that thing? Like, at all?
  • IRON MASK – Of course I can. How else do you think I manage to avoid tripping everywhere I go?
  • SHIONNE – What is that thing anyway? It doesn’t look like anything Dahnan I’ve ever seen
  • IRON MASK – Beats me. I don’t remember anything about my past. When I came to, I was already wearing it. If I could get it off, I would. Damn thing makes it hard to eat, and I can’t scratch my face when it itches. It’s the worst.
  • SHIONNE – Honestly, I’m just impressed you’ve managed to survive this long looking like that. I’m sure you attract attention wherever you go
  • IRON MASK – Most of the other Dahnans don’t pay it any mind. It’s in everyone’s best interest to just keep their heads down, focus on their work, and pretend they don’t notice.
  • SHIONNE – What about the Renan soldiers? Didn’t they notice?
  • IRON MASK – The guards? They’re more the ”kill first, ask questions later” type. Be in the wrong place or step out of line, and you’re dead, mask or no mask. That said, as long as you keep your head down and don’t cause trouble, they mostly ignore you. Honestly, sometimes they don’t look all that keen to stir up trouble themselves. A friend of mine said it’s because if they kill us without a good reason, it could delay the work and put them behind schedule. At that point, it’d be their necks on the line. You should know more about that than me though, right?
  • SHIONNE – I don’t serve any of the lords. But I see what you mean. After three centuries of Renan rule without much upheaval, it’s possible the soldiers might be losing their edge. All this trouble we’ve caused might be the first excitement they’ve had in a while.
  • IRON MASK – Well, I don’t plan on getting killed for their amusement


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