Tales Of Arise – List Of Skits (Compilation Dialogue)


One of the many features within Tales of Arise are the various character skits, these are usually triggered by hitting the R1 button (Playstation)

From there we get an optional dialogue scene that delves deeper into what our party are thinking about the various events, and situations that they find themselves in

Skits can also be re-watched by going to the camp, here you will find a list of the various skits that you have managed to unlocked.

For viewing 300 different skits you will be rewarded with the Ceaseless Chatterbox trophy achievement

Below is a list of various skits that you can come across…



  • Reminiscing
  • The Masked Slave
  • Seeking Power
  • A Man With Nothing To His Name
  • Zephyr’s Teachings
  • Mutual Hunger
  • Fagan Ruins
  • A Bite To Eat
  • Iron Mask’s Missing Core
  • Like Water and Oil
  • Renan Technology
  • Divergent Tastes
  • A Humbling Blade
  • At Thorns Length
  • Betting Around The Bush
  • One Small Step For Dahna
  • Renan Values
  • The Explosive Healer
  • The Fire Lord
  • Unquenchable Flames
  • Dahna and Rena
  • Ending The Cycle
  • Shionne The Sharpshooter
  • The Girl From The Outside
  • The Unflinching Iron Mask
  • Why We Fight – Zephyr
  • Zeugles
  • Ulvhan Grotto


  • Birth of a Hero
  • Sneaky Rinwell
  • Temperature Control
  • Blending In
  • Magic Practice
  • Magic Thief
  • Rinwell’s Ace
  • Ties That Bind


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