Tales Of Arise – Seeking Power (Skit Compilation) Dialogue


One of the many features within Tales of Arise are the various skits, these are basically optional dialogue scenes that can be triggered by pressing the R1 button (Playstation)

The scenes can easily be missed since they require input, sometimes you need to complete certain activities for them to appear. This includes being in the correct location.

For viewing 300 different skits you will be rewarded with the Ceaseless Chatterbox trophy achievement

Anyway below is the Seeking Power skit dialogue compilation

  • SKIT: Seeking Power
  • LOCATION: Sandinus Ravine
  • CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Iron Mask, Shionne
  • SHIONNE – The Blazing Sword… It just might be strong enough to match the power of a lord.. No, maybe even to surpass it.
  • IRON MASK – Are you sure you’re okay?
  • SHIONNE – What do you mean?
  • IRON MASK – Your wound. That soldier nailed you pretty good, not to mention those flames bursting from you
  • SHIONNE – They only hit my master core, so I’ll be fine. And the flames weren’t even hot. It’s probably because they’re just a manifestation of astral energy. Honestly, I’m more surprised that you really are incapable of feeling pain.
  • IRON MASK – Did you think I was faking?
  • SHIONNE – No, I believed you. I guess seeing you stay calm while bearing those burns to your hands just really made it hit home for me. It’s ironic. I have no problem hurting anyone who touches me, but as soon as I try to wield that sword, it’s me who gets hurt.
  • IRON MASK – Do you wish you were impervious to pain, too? You realize you could burn your fingers off without even noticing, right?
  • SHIONNE – So what? All I need right now is power, and up until now, I haven’t come across anything stronger than that Blazing Sword the whole time I’ve been doing this
  • IRON MASK – You really don’t care what happens to you as long as you get what you’re after, do you?
  • SHIONNE – Don’t talk like you know me
  • IRON MASK – You.. You’re right. I don’t get you. I don’t get why you’re so quick to throw it all away. Not when us slaves have never had a choice in whether we lived or died.


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