Tales Of Arise – Cat Tail (Outfit Location) Guide

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As you continue through Tales of Arise chances are you will come across various outfits and gear, often of which these come from various Owls, some of which are known as Dahnan Owl

Unfortunately these Owls are not marked on the map and thus they can easily be missed. It does help that they can and do make noises whenever they are close by.

In order to equip the outfit you will need to head into the menu screen (touchpad – Playstation), and then scroll on over to the outfits option

As far as the owls that give you these outfit accessories are concerned, there is a total of 32 owls altogether to find. Getting and finding them all will net you with the Owl HomecomingOwl Spotter, and Owl Scouter trophy achievement

Anyway this specific page will be focused on how to get the Cat Tail outfit

  • OUTFIT: Cat Tail
  • LOCATION: Kyrd Garrison
  • GUIDE:
  • The Cat Tail fashion accessory can be acquired by heading to Kyrd Garrison
  • Here head to the East of the Mosgul entrance
  • You should now find yourself in a little closed off section, on a small cliff facing the Mosgul entrance
  • The Dahnan Owl can be found here, it holds the Cat Tail


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