Tales Of Arise – Reminiscing (Skit Compilation) Dialogue

Compilations / Easter Eggs

One of the many features within Tales of Arise are the various skits, these are basically optional dialogue scenes that can be triggered by pressing the R1 button (Playstation)

The scenes can easily be missed since they require input, sometimes you need to complete certain activities for them to appear. This includes being in the correct location.

For viewing 300 different skits you will be rewarded with the Ceaseless Chatterbox trophy achievement

Anyway below is the Reminiscing skit dialogue compilation

  • SKIT: Reminiscing
  • LOCATION: Sandinus Ravine
  • CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Iron Mask, Shionne
  • SHIONNE – Cut it out. Didn’t anyone ever tell you its rude to stare?
  • IRON MASK – I know I already asked you this, but are you sure we haven’t met somewhere before?
  • SHIONNE – What’s so hard to understand? I’m Renan, you’re Dahnan. There’s no way. Besides, I’m from Lenegis. Trust me. Wherever you were before you lost your memory, we’ve never crossed paths.
  • IRON MASK – Lenegis.. You mean the same Lenegis that’s up in the sky? I’ve heard it called the Renans’ Castle, but I never imagined people actually lived up there
  • SHIONNE – Well then, where did you think we all lived? Didn’t you see the Renan lords descend for the crown contest?
  • IRON MASK – And how long ago was that?
  • SHIONNE – Well, the current contest started seven years ago, so..
  • IRON MASK – Then I wouldn’t remember
  • SHIONNE – Just how far back do you remember?
  • IRON MASK – About a year, give or take. That’s how long ago Doc found me
  • SHIONNE – One year… Then no, I’m sorry, but there really is no way we could have met
  • IRON MASK – Guess not


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