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This page is dedicated to the character Gale in (BG3) Baldur’s Gate III.

Basically after doing so many different dialogue scenes and write-ups already (more than I expected to do anyway). I decided to put them all in this list, I will be adding more here as I go along too. This page is basically used to help with navigation as at present I feel like these pages are rather unorganised.

As I said, I will continue to add to this page when the full release is available, at present the game is only available in Early Access.

Also, if for whatever reason you end up getting impatient then I’ll usually have the dialogue videos and scenes relating to the character and more over in my Youtube Playlist. They will most likely be on there before they actually get added here. So be sure to check that out!

These will usually include all of the dialogue, or as much as possible. Including failed dialogue (such as the dialogue that occurs when you get a failed die / dice roll). All of the negative dialogue as well as the positive ones too. Basically everything that is said during that particular scene.





  • Gale Campfire Scene
  • Gale ‘Weave/Mystra
  • Gale Romance
  • Orb Bedtime Story
  • Gale ‘I Have Lost’ scene
  • Gale Character Intro
  • Gale Comments On Romance Options
  • Gale Is Sick
  • Gale Has A Condition
  • Gale Death Spiel
  • Gale Mirror Reflection
  • Gale Talks About Healer Nettie
  • Gale Talks About The Tragedy At The Grove
  • Gale Talks About Parasites
  • Gale ‘Idol Gossip’
  • Random Gale Party Banter
  • Gale Talks About The Dead and Astarion
  • Gale Talks About Raphael
  • Gale Talks About Illithid Dreams
  • Gale Comments On How He Can Still Cast Magic
  • Gale Tells Us About God Karsus
  • Gale Talks About Romantic Night
  • Gale Talks About Netherese Magic
  • Gale Comments On Weave Kiss
  • Gale Comments On Goblin Party
  • Gale Comments On Refugee Party


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