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Romancing characters is quite a popular option amongst RPG games like (BG3) Baldur’s Gate III.

One such character that can be romanced is Gale. The mighty Wizard from Waterdeep.

However, in order to trigger his romance scene you will need to complete and perform a few tasks. These includes witnessing scenes and choosing the correct dialogue.

Anyway let us begin…


(PLEASE NOTE: A lot of this requires you to limit yourself to recruit certain characters only. You will also need to keep an eye on your approval with Gale too. Each Approval level activates a certain scene, thus if you go past an Approval level without first witnessing the Approval scene then you will miss out on seeing and activating it altogether. So keep an eye on your Approval with Gale as you need to activate all of the Approval Scenes)

(A good tip is to as said keep an eye on Gale’s Approval level. As soon as you see the words Gale Approves after finishing a scene, then immediately check to see what level his Approval is at. If it has levelled then that is when you immediately stop what you are doing and return to Camp)

(Also, remember to ALWAYS SAVE YOUR GAME!)

  • NEUTRAL APPROVAL: Condition Scene
  • MEDIUM APPROVAL: Weave/Mystra Scene
  • HIGH APPROVAL: I Have Lost Scene

(EDIT: My Gale Approval / Disapproval page is now finally up. You can check it out here)


Recruit ONLY Gale and Laezel.

The reason for this is because sometimes other characters have their scenes take priority over others.

I have tested this run several times now and unless things change in the future, recruiting only Gale and Laezel should be fine for now.


As soon as you recruit Gale, kill and murder him. Yes, you read that correctly.

The reason for this is because you need to trigger Gale’s Death Speech as soon as possible


Head to the Druid Grove, then to Druid Kagha. You will inevitably come across the Save Arabella side quest. At this point try and save Arabella as this will help increase Gale’s Approval.

After saving Arabella, go ahead and speak to Kagha. Agree that she is a monster.


Okay, if you have managed to do everything right thus far you should still be at ‘Neutral’ Approval with Gale. This is why I said to go straight to Kagha.

Kagha is a story related character and she also seems to be a trigger for the first necessary Gale scene that we need. (Or second scene if you include the Death Speech)

If you are on ‘Medium’ Approval, then you will have to start all over again and perhaps fail to save Arabella this time. Thing is whilst we do need to keep improving Gale’s Approval we also need to make sure the Approval doesn’t level up too much too soon.


After speaking to Kagha and remaining on Neutral Approval with Gale. Return to Camp. You should trigger the ‘Condition’ Scene with Gale. If not, then leave the Camp and once again return back to Camp. Keep going and returning until it triggers. Do NOT progress with the game!! It may take a few attempts to Camp and back BUT it will trigger.


After the ‘Condition Scene’ return back to the Druid Grove. From here perform nice ‘Good’ deeds. This will improve and increase Gale’s Approval.

A few good deeds can include;

  • Speaking to Zevlor and agreeing to recruit The Blade Of Frontiers (Wyll)
  • Recruit Wyll
  • Save Goblin Sazza
  • Help Guex learn to use a Sword
  • Swear to use the Wyvern Poison

We need to get to ‘Medium’ Approval with Gale before we can progress with the next step.

Just whilst doing this do NOT enter Blighted Village. Instead remain around the Druid Grove. I have noticed that by entering Blighted Village, it seems to cancel out all of the scenes and basically ruins all of our effort thus far.

Druid Grove and the surrounding areas before the Blighted Village bridge will be enough to complete all of what we need to do.

(NOTE: Feel free to check out my Gale Approval and Disapproval page here)


When the Approval with Gale turns to ‘Medium’, return back to Camp. You should now be able to trigger the ‘Weave/Mystra’ Scene.

If not then remember to leave Camp and then once again return to Camp until the scene does indeed occur. It again may take a few repeated visits but it will occur, so do not progress with the game just yet.

During the Weave/Mystra scene be sure to pick the ‘Kiss’ dialogue option, obviously if you pick an upsetting one such as punching the poor guy you will risk ruining the chance to romance him.


By now we should of killed Gale for his death speech and witnessed the ‘Condition’ Scene and the ‘Weave/Mystra’ scene. We should also be on ‘Medium’ Approval with Gale. Only one more Approval left to get to.

Again stick around the Druid Grove. Do NOT venture to Blighted Village. You can recruit anyone else you plan on using in your team though such as Astarion, Shadowheart and Wyll as recruiting them should not affect Gale from now on. I only found it to affect the earlier scenes. You may already have Wyll by now anyway.

Feel free to speak to Edwin who is by the Blighted Village Bridge. A few more Approval opportunities that we can now play with include:

  • Edwin (By the Blighted Village Bridge) – Kill the Parasite on his body
  • When speaking to Edwin and his siblings (Use the Illithid option). After the scene proceed to speak to Shadowheart (who will hopefully have a marker above her head – if not then reload and only bring her with you for this specific scene). Choose the I’ll speak for myself option (The bottom option)

The Camp scenes can also prove to help in terms of raising Gale’s Approval. Remember I will (if not already) have a page on all of Gale’s Approval and Disapprovals, so be sure to use the Search Function on this site if you need help. I’m currently working on the page and I’m not sure when I’ll get it done but it may already be done when you tune into this page. Only searching will help answer this one ha! (NOTE: Feel free to check out my Gale Approval and Disapproval page here. It is now up)

Anyway Gale now needs to be on ‘High’ Approval.


Once Gale hits ‘High Approval’ immediately return to the Camp. We should now be able to activate the ‘I Have Lost’ scene. This scene will only occur after the Weave/Mystra scene so if you didn’t activate that one then you will not get this one.

Okay once you have successfully completed all 9 Steps you should be able to romance Gale.

Your opportunity to romance Gale will occur after the fight between the Refugees and Goblins, make sure to team up with the Refugees as Gale isn’t a fan of the Goblins.

You, at this point can also continue the game as normal. Enjoy!


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