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This page will be mainly focusing on the various companion character dialogue that occurs during the Gale Orb Bedtime Story scene

The dialogue will include everything that is presented as a dialogue option, this also includes dialogue that occurs when you fail and win a die/dice roll too.

The page is currently done with only the Early Access currently being available, thus everything is subject to change. I will however, change this page to properly match the dialogue scene when the full version is released. For now enjoy what is said during the particular Early Access patch.

Anyway let us begin!

(NOTE: This was all taken from the Early Access phase of the game)

You can check out my other pages on the various companion and party dialogue below


  • SCENE DIALOGUE: Gale Orb Bedtime Story
  • HOW TO UNLOCK: Simply choose to romance Gale or speak to him during the tiefling celebration party on Act 1


(STARTS AT 19:37)


(This scene was taken from the continuation of the Gale Romance scene. You can however, also unlock it separately to the Gale Romance)

  • GALE: Here. Place your hand over my heart. Let me show you
  • NARRATOR: You feel the tadpole quiver as you realise Gale is letting you in. Into the dark. You see through Gale’s eyes, staring down the corridors of a dread memory. A book, bound, then suddenly opened. Inside there are no pages, only a swirling mass of blackest Weave that pounces. It’s teeth, it’s claws, it’s unstoppable as it digs through you and becomes part of you. And gods, is it ever hungry…
  • GALE: Terrifying isn’t it? And that is only the beginning
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 1D): I slept with a monster..
  • GALE (REPLY 1D): I didn’t sleep with a monster despite the tadpole in your head. We are none of us monsters. We are merely hatcheries for monstrous things. So we fight them.
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 1C): Gods – why show me this?
  • GALE (REPLY 1C): I’m sorry, but I had to. After all, that is only the beginning
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 1B): How are you still alive?
  • GALE (REPLY 1B): Of all things; magic. This Netherese taint.. this orb, for lack of a better word, is balled up inside my chest. And it needs to be fed. As long as it absorbs Weave it remains stable – to an extent. The moment it becomes unstable, however..
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 2C): I don’t think I want to hear this
  • GALE (REPLY 2C): It will erupt. I don’t know the exact magnitude of the eruption, but given my studies of Netherese magic, I’d say even a fragment as small as the one I carry….
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 2B): You will die, obviously..
  • GALE (REPLY 2B): Rather worse, actually. It will erupt. I don’t know the exact magnitude of the eruption, but given my studies of Netherese magic, I’d say even a fragment as small as the one I carry…. It’d level a city the size of Waterdeep
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 3C): I should godsdamned kill you
  • GALE (REPLY 3C): Perhaps that is what I deserve, but you deserve no such thing. To kill me is to unleash the orb. I understand your anger, I do, but after all we’ve been through.. After the night we spent together. Surely we can brave even this side by side
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 3B): You’re telling me I just slept with someone who could explode at any time?
  • GALE (REPLY 3B): Yes. It is my truth, finally revealed. It is this folly that led Mystra to abandon me completely. I can only hope you won’t abandon me as well. After all we’ve been through.. After the night we spent together. Surely we can brave even this side by side
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 4C): Our journey together will continue, for better or for worse
  • GALE (REPLY 4C): That is – a great relief. Your apprehension is most warranted, but oh, a great relief this is indeed! (Gale Approval)
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 4B): No. This is too large a betrayal.
  • GALE (REPLY 4B): I see. I am sorry. I am sorry that it had to come to this. All that’s left to say is farewell. Farewell. (Leaves)
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 4A): Yes. Side by side it is
  • GALE (REPLY 4A): That is – a great relief. Oh, a great relief indeed
  • (If in the romance section of this specific scene. The two will hug)
  • GALE: I don’t know what I did to deserve the magic that you do. Many challenges lie ahead, but in this moment I believe nothing to be insurmountable. The road awaits. Shall we, or do you have questions for me?
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 5D): Let’s go find the open road.
  • GALE (REPLY 5D): Here’s to us, and to brand new adventures.
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (OPTION 5C): What would permenantly rid you of the orb?
  • GALE (REPLY 5C): The orb was kept safe and inert in a pocket of Astral Plane, suspended in time. If I can somehow manage to expel it from my body while in the Astral Plane, it will be rendered inert again. Alternatively, I could learn to control it’s chaotic magic, that is; to succeed where I failed before. But without Mystra’s favour, I don’t see how that may come to pass. Of course there could be different answers as well. Faerun brims with more magic than any one wizard could fathom, let alone comprehend. Who knows what outlandish solutions may yet present themselves?
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (5B): So how do I compare to a goddess?
  • GALE (REPLY 5B): You don’t – and a great compliment that is too. You are unique in your own right, and just as incomparable.
  • PLAYER CHARACTER (5A): Gale, are you still in love with Mystra?
  • GALE (REPLY 5A): I’ll be honest with you; I don’t know. She is my muse still, the embodiment of magic, but the embodiment of love? Only if we ever meet again will I know


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