Marvel’s Spider-Man : All 12 Black Cat Stakeouts (Track Down Black Cat – Cat Prints) Guide

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One of the many collectibles within Marvel’s Spider-Man are the black cat stakeouts. Finding and completing the black cat stakeouts will allow us to unlock the Cat’s Cradle side mission.

As well as being able to unlock the Cat’s Cradle side mission we will also be able to unlock both the Cat’s Out Of The Bag and Cat Prints trophy achievements.

This particular errand is all related to the character Black Cat. It basically tasks us with having to try and locate her. The first time we will come across this particular collectible hunt is during the ‘Stakeout’ mission. From there we will then need to hunt and keep an eye out for the various stuffed black cats and when we manage to find one we then need to take a photo of it.

Here are the locations to all 12 back cat stakeouts.

DISTRICT: Greenwich
GUIDE: During the main mission ‘Stakeout’ we will get a call from an ‘Unknown Caller’, this is actually Black Cat. This will begin our mission to find all of the black cat stakeouts. Head to Greenwich and to the mission marker in order to track our first kitty cat.

We can find the first cat toy next to the small building on the left, it will be peeking through the doorway.

DISTRICT: Financial District
GUIDE: This little kitty is playing hide and seek on a building rooftop.

DISTRICT: Financial District
GUIDE: Look for a billboard with a picture of Black Cat on it and you will then find this one.

DISTRICT: Chinatown
GUIDE: To find this little sneak you will want to turn your attention towards the graffiti. Here there will be some rooftop windows.

DISTRICT: Greenwich
GUIDE: We can find this next little ‘rascal’ on the rooftop of the set of terraced buildings. It is by the tables and umbrellas.

DISTRICT: Hell’s Kitchen
GUIDE: This one is rather tricky to spot as it tends to blend in rather well. I know they all are good at blending in but this one seems to be quite the professional.

Anyway you can find it on the rooftop ledge with the graffiti. It is hiding in the open vent.

GUIDE: This one is located on the rooftop of the white building, you should easily be able to notice the Black Cat graffiti on the wall. The cat doll is at the doorway of this building.

GUIDE: You can find this next kitty on the rooftop of the building with the large water tank.

DISTRICT: Hell’s Kitchen
GUIDE: This one is also another tricky one to find. However, if you look closely you should be able to locate this little moggy at the window of the Valeria jewellery shop

DISTRICT: Upper West Side
GUIDE: This moggy is located on the building rooftop just above the swimming pool. It will be amongst the rooftop windows.

GUIDE: Locate the rooftop with the Black Cat graffiti, it will be on a white door. Peeking through this white door is our little lost moggy.

DISTRICT: Upper East Side
GUIDE: Turn your attention to the building with the dome roof and we should be able to spot this final moggy. The moggy will be by the doorway.


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