Marvel’s Spider-Man : All Optional Side Missions List (Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man) Guide

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As you continue and progress through the world of Marvel’s Spider-Man you will encounter the optional side missions.

These side missions are indicated by a blue diamond type marker or icon. Using these markers we can then speak to the client and quest givers in order to begin the actual side mission.

Each side mission will come with their own rewards, most of the time we will receive additional XP. Alongside that and if we manage to complete all of the various side missions we will also be able to earn ourselves the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man trophy achievement

There are a total of 16 side missions altogether that players can unlock and complete.

Below is a list of these side missions and how to complete each one.


The Network Is Down

Spiderman P.I.

Storming The Castle

Snipe Hunt

Internet Famous

Error : File Not Found

College Buddies

Tick Tock

A Matter Of Debate

Home Team Advantage


Helping Howard

Cat’s Cradle

Tombstone – On The Move

Tombstone – What’s He Building In There..

Tombstone – Let’s Get Ready To…


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