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Side Missions are basically optional side objectives that players can unlock and complete if they fancy taking a break from the main story for a bit.

In order to find one of these side missions you will need to locate the small blue diamond type icons or markers that are scattered throughout the map. Once you have managed to find one simply speak to the quest giver, NPC, to begin.

A lot of these side missions either require you to fix networks, complete uploads, and of course defeat a ton of mean angry men along the way.

Each side mission has its own set of rewards, which usually includes additional XP. Completing all of these side missions will unlock the Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman trophy achievement.

More side missions become available as you continue to progress through the main story.

This specific page will be focusing on completing the Tombstone: On The Move side mission

SIDE MISSION: Tombstone – On The Move
DISTRICT: Greenwich

This specific side mission is the first of several chained missions. The mission will become available to us after we have managed to complete the ‘Up the Water Spout’ mission

We can pick up this side mission by heading to Greenwich, this will then automatically take us to the Octavius Industries lab. Where we can try and track down the Tombstone’s shipments.

We will need to complete a circuit puzzle in order to continue. The puzzle is known as the ‘Tracking Device’ and it should be easy enough to solve. We will have a target voltage of 5 so make sure to plan out your moves and you should be okay. Remember to use the inventory section and if you are still having issues then be sure to check out the picture above.

After completing the puzzle go ahead and exit the lab, we will now have a new navigation feature appear on the left of the screen. This will indicate where and how far away we are from our next destination. The blue squares represents the direction we need to go in and the numbers represents the distance.

Our destination and target is actually a white van so we are going to have to locate this van and perform a vehicle takedown.

Neutralize the threat and then inspect the truck, we will find a bunch of chemical containers. Spiderman will summarise that the containers probably came from the Alchemax plant.

This will complete the first part of this chained mission


Solve lab puzzle

Exit lab

Locate truck

Defeat enemies

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