Marvel’s Spider-Man : Cat’s Cradle (Side Mission) Guide

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Side Missions are basically optional side objectives that players can unlock and complete if they fancy taking a break from the main story for a bit.

In order to find one of these side missions you will need to locate the small blue diamond type icons or markers that are scattered throughout the map. Once you have managed to find one simply speak to the quest giver, NPC, to begin.

A lot of these side missions either require you to fix networks, complete uploads, and of course defeat a ton of mean angry men along the way.

Each side mission has its own set of rewards, which usually includes additional XP. Completing all of these side missions will unlock the Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman trophy achievement.

More side missions become available as you continue to progress through the main story.

This specific page will be focusing on completing the Cat’s Cradle side mission

SIDE MISSION: Cat’s Cradle
REWARDS: Dark Suit, 250 XP

This specific side mission will only be available to us after we have successfully completed the 12 Black Cat Stakeouts. After having got all 12 we can then begin this mission.

Our first objective is to find Black Cat’s hideout. Keep following the mission marker and we will stumble across the hideout entrance.

In order to get inside the hideout we will need to reveal the secret entrance, we can do this by interacting with the white cat graffiti on the wall.

We will now need to investigate the hideout. There will be several points of interest here including the Financial data on the Maggia crime families, large painting, wine, and more importantly, in order to progress with the mission, we can find a tape recorder on the table.

After interacting with the tape recorder the mission will then end.


Locate hideout entrance

Investigate the hideout


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