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Side Missions are basically optional side objectives that players can unlock and complete if they fancy taking a break from the main story for a bit.

In order to find one of these side missions you will need to locate the small blue diamond type icons or markers that are scattered throughout the map. Once you have managed to find one simply speak to the quest giver, NPC, to begin.

A lot of these side missions either require you to fix networks, complete uploads, and of course defeat a ton of mean angry men along the way.

Each side mission has its own set of rewards, which usually includes additional XP. Completing all of these side missions will unlock the Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman trophy achievement.

More side missions become available as you continue to progress through the main story.

This specific page will be focusing on completing the Storming The Castle side mission

SIDE MISSION: Storming The Castle
DISTRICT: Upper East Side
QUEST GIVER: Stephanie

(Note: This requires nightfall to occur before we can begin this one)

Speaking with Stephanie will reveal that she was watching for nocturnal raptors in the park, until she encountered several men all carrying rifles. These men are said to be stalking around Belvedere Castle.

We will now need to go and investigate Belvedere Castle. When you arrive you will soon find out that these men carrying rifles are actually Fisk’s men.

We will now need to defeat Fisk’s men, there will be quite a few of them so you may want to try the stealth approach in order to make things easier for yourself.

After you are done taking out the trash we will then have to inspect the laptop. We can find this laptop on one of Fisk’s men.

Spiderman will then mention that a pigeon stole a flash drive that contains useful information. Stephanie will then confirm that there are pigeons usually sighted amongst the trees to the south east of the castle.

When you approach these trees a bunch of pigeons will indeed appear, we now need to chase them and reclaim the flash drive.

After you have successfully collected the flash drive from the pigeons we can then try and use it on the laptop.

Spiderman will then realise that Fisk’s men are trying to upload a worm to the Central Park wifi system. If they were allowed to do this then they potentially have access to tons of personal data.

We will now have 3 minutes in order to stop the worm upload. In order to stop the upload we are going to need to locate a laptop that Fisk’s men are currently using. Once you have found this laptop make sure to eliminate the thugs in order to stop them from uploading.

After you have successfully stopped Fisk’s men from uploading the worm we will then be contacted by Stephanie, who seems to be in trouble. Apparently Fisk’s men have managed to capture her.

Defeat Fisk’s men and save Stephanie to complete the mission


Investigate Belvedere Castle

Defeat Fisk’s Men

Examine the Fisk laptop

Recover the flash drive

Examine flash drive contents

Stop upload of the worm

Save Stephanie

Defeat Fisk’s men


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