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Side Missions are basically optional side objectives that players can unlock and complete if they fancy taking a break from the main story for a bit.

In order to find one of these side missions you will need to locate the small blue diamond type icons or markers that are scattered throughout the map. Once you have managed to find one simply speak to the quest giver, NPC, to begin.

A lot of these side missions either require you to fix networks, complete uploads, and of course defeat a ton of mean angry men along the way.

Each side mission has its own set of rewards, which usually includes additional XP. Completing all of these side missions will unlock the Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman trophy achievement.

More side missions become available as you continue to progress through the main story.

This specific page will be focusing on completing the Spider-Man P.I. side mission

QUEST GIVER: Carmen Carmen

Head south of Midtown to find the client, Carmen Carmen. (Note: This side mission may only trigger during nightfall)

Turns out that Carmen’s husband ‘Rodrigo’ has been seeing other woman behind her back. Carmen is also worried that her husband might also be in trouble.

We will now be ordered to investigate and check up on Rodrigo. Our next destination is over in Greenwich.

When we arrive at our destination we will see Rodrigo with a green haired woman. Spiderman will mention that Rodrigo seems nervous, that this woman is probably not a girlfriend after all. Take a photo of the couple in order to show it to Carmen.

The mysterious woman will then leave in a taxi cab, our job is to tail it. In the meantime Spiderman will upload the photo we just took and show it to Carmen, apparently she has no idea who our suspect actually is.

The chase will end at a small auto repair shop with a mysterious man wearing a beanie casually standing outside. Spiderman will suggest that we also take a photo of this individual too. (Warning: Do NOT get spotted otherwise it will automatically result in a mission failure)

Turns out that Spiderman was right, these mysterious individuals are indeed planning a heist. We now need to go and tail the man that just ran off, Deshaun.

Deshaun will escape on to the underground train, which will cause Spiderman to try hacking into the train system to work out where Deshaun is heading.

We will then want to tail the train along the streets, this bit is a bit different as we can’t exactly see the train, it is simply a hologram of sorts. One in which that can travel through buildings and be difficult to keep tracking down if we don’t keep a watchful eye open.

Anyway keep tailing the train until a scene occurs and we see Deshaun once again. Who will venture inside an office building in order to begin the heist.

Climb the office building and try to locate Deshaun through the window. Once you have located him we will then want to take out our camera and take a photo of the white board, this is basically the heist evidence.

We will now find out that they plan on using Rodrigo as a driver. After taking a photo of the white board we will then want another photo of the large TV in the room.

After taking both pictures it will then be time to chase after the culprit’s cars. What we want to do is perform vehicle takedowns. Put both vehicles out of commission. This will then complete the mission


Go to detox center

Tail the mystery woman

Tail Deshaun

Tail the subway car

Photograph heist evidence


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