Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story (DLC) : All Trap Locations (Trapper Trophy Achievement) Guide

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The Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story (DLC) Trapper Trophy / Achievement requires you to set all 5 traps in the SAM’S STORY chapter as the Captain requests.
Doing this will net you a Bronze trophy.

You will be able to do this after encountering the rather humorous cutscene of both the Captain and Sam getting drunk.
After which you will be tasked with needing to find a boat but not until the Captain tells you of his traps and how they need re-activating. 

There are 5 in total and neither of them are that difficult to find as they are all quite close to each other and all remain in the same building.​


To find this one you can start from the Workbench where you fixed the Captain’s leg. Close to this area will be a set of stairs, you will want to descend these.
Then head through the open doorway where you will see the first Trap on the wall to the right. The wall will be marked with a ‘1’ in white


At the end of the corridor just past the first Trap there should be some sofas and bits of debri, climb over this and through a hole in the wall.
From there keep on going past a hole in the wall that leads outside, past the Piano and through the Bathroom. After passing through the Bathroom you should come to a blue door, go through here and turn to your immediate left to see this one.


From Trap 2 head down the nearest set of stairs and turn right to find this one near the open doorway


For this one head out onto the walkway that goes outside and around the wall, in this next room will be an object that you can move and uncover a hole in the wall that you can climb through.
Soon you should find yourself back outside, keep following the path around to find a body on the bed, don’t worry it is dead.
Just past the dead body you should immediately turn left to find this one on the wall in the next hallway.


The final trap is one you may or may not of already come across, it’s actually an easy one to find.
From Trap 4 keep following the path and disarm the can traps to acquire more decoy material, keep going past the bathroom and you should be able to find the stairs once again.
Here you will need to descend the stairs and the last trap should be right in front of you

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