Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story (DLC) : Different Endings

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I’m sure the question has been asked several times now, but does Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story (DLC) have multiple different endings? Well the simple answer to that would be, yes.

Just like with the main game there are two different endings that you can get with Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story (DLC) and you can view them both below.

Also, none of these endings are actually missable so that’s good, right?

Ending 1 – Blowing up the Submarine:
As you get closer to the end of the DLC, the Captain (presuming he is still alive) will give you a device that he wants you to use in order to blow up the Submarine and kill Tom and his men.

This is probably the best ending as Tom isn’t exactly a good trustworthy individual. In fact The Captain even suspects that if you save Tom he will potentially ignite more carnage to a world already in peril

Ending 2 – Saving Tom & his men:
This is obviously the opposite choice to the one above and probably the bad ending too given the fact that as already been said Tom isn’t exactly a good man. The Captain doesn’t even like him or even trust him.

However, there is one good thing that comes out of it and that is the fact that Sam finally gets to go home and see his dad, he does deserve it after all.

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