NieR Replicant Ver. Remake (2021) : A Child’s Final Chance (Side Quest Guide)

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The A Child’s Final Chance is one of the many different side quests that you can find and complete within NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 Remake 2021

There is a total of 70 different side quests in total and they can be found in various different regions as well as sections of the game.

The A Child’s Final Chance side quest involves discovering the cause of a boy’s illness

  • SIDE QUEST: A Child’s Final Chance
  • REGION: Village
  • STORY SECTION: Second Section
  • CLIENT: Grocer
  • REWARDS: 10000 Gold, Grocer discount on all items
  • REQUIREMENTS: Kaine is no longer petrified
  • After successfully getting rid of Kaine’s petrification you will then want to speak to the villager Grocer
  • The Grocer will tell you that their son has come down with a strange illness and nothing seems to be able to cure him
  • Anyway we now need to speak to the various children around town, there are 3 in total. Two of which linger around the water fountain whilst the other tends to stay by the platform overlooking the waterwheel
  • After speaking to them all you will learn that something happened to the boy whilst out at the Forest of Myth
  • Our next port of call is the Forest of Myth
  • Whilst in the forest you will need to find and collect the poisonous berries
  • Now attempt to leave the forest only to find Kaine, eating the berries does indeed knock you out and a villager will come and tell you how deadly eating them actually is
  • You will now obtain an Antidote
  • Return to the Grocer
  • We will now get a discount on any and all purchased items from the Grocer


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