NieR Replicant Ver. Remake (2021) : Learning A Trade (Side Quest) Guide

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The Learning A Trade is one of the many different side quests that you can find and complete within NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 Remake 2021

There is a total of 70 different side quests in total and they can be found in various different regions as well as sections of the game.

The Learning A Trade side quest involves trying to get rid of seasickness

  • SIDE QUEST: Learning A Trade
  • REGION: Seafront
  • STORY SECTION: Second Section
  • CLIENT: Resident
  • REWARDS: 20000 Gold
  • REQUIREMENTS: Complete The New Merchant In Town
  • After completing the The New Merchant In Town side quest you can then begin this one!
  • Simply head onto the ship by the dock (basically the same guy from the last quest), he now has a new errand for us
  • It seems that he is currently working on his own herbal cure in order to hopefully get rid of his seasickness
  • We now need to go and fetch a mandrake leaf he says you can get them from the Strange-thing store over in Facade
  • Despite the strange conversation you will still receive a mandrake leaf from the Strange-thing Store
  • Return to the client and give him the mandrake leaf
  • Using the newly acquired mandrake leaf he will now begin creating his herbal cure. Unfortunately though it seems that he ended up creating a stimulant for himself rather than something to rid him of his seasickness. Hmm..
  • We will now be tasked with getting a toad oil from the Two Brothers Weaponry at the Junk Shop
  • After getting the necessary toad oil once again return to the client so that he can try again with the herbal cure
  • This time he has managed to conjure up a sleep resistant drug for himself, in which he calls the Sleep-B-Gone
  • The man then decides to quite being a trader and instead open up a pharmacy


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