Outriders : Historian Everlasting (Collector Quest) Guide

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Unlike the optional side quest and the Wanted – Bounty quests, this specific quest is attached to the Collector Quest chain. In fact this quest opens you up to the chain itself, being the first quest available in that said chain.

The quests allows players to hunt around the planet of Enoch in order to search for artifacts for the npc character, Madame Beauvoir

You can begin the new quest chain from as early as Rift Town

(Please keep in mind that this below and specific quest only shows how you can actually start the chain itself)


  • CLIENT: Madame Beauvoir
  • STORY SEGMENT: Reunion
  • REWARD: x1 Selectable Gear (Rare), 250 EXP
  • LOCATION: Crossroads
  • Okay you can begin this quest when you unlock the Crossroads area (story related)
  • Here you can pick up 2 quests that are practically sitting on top of each other, there is this one Historian Everlasting and Payback
  • After starting the Historian Everlasting quest you can then head through the door (which will actually be the trigger). You will now be in River Basin
  • Once at the River Basin simply follow the path to find your first wave of enemies that you will need to deal with.
  • Shortly after that there will be some obstacle blocking your way which can easily be removed. This will lead to another wave of enemies, this is actually the final wave of enemies that you will need to deal with.
  • In this area after dealing with the wave of enemies, you will then want to inspect the Holographic Disk which is hidden amongst the debris on the upper level
  • After that you can then return back to Rift Town
  • You will then need to speak to Madame Beauvoir who is up the small flight of stairs opposite Eva the weapon vendor. Just look for a stall with music CDs hanging from it


Madame Beauvoir, one of the oldest surviving citizens of Earth, is trying to preserve her home planet’s history. Look for artifacts from Earth that you come across in your travels and bring them to her in Rift Town

  • Search for items Madame Beauvoir will be interested in


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