Outriders : No Place Like Home (Side Quest) Guide

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No Place Like Home is one of the many optional side quests that you can find and complete within the popular action title, Outriders. It involves heading to an Old Man’s Hut

Thankfully with the side quests within Outriders you can replay these as many times as you want, meaning if you enjoyed a personal side quest then you can redo it. However, you will of course need to find and complete the quest at least once first.

The rewards that you get from completing these side quests also has a chance to change every time you complete the specific quest too, thus for the purpose of this guide I’ll simply add down the rewards that I personally received myself.

  • CLIENT: Alfred McKellen
  • STORY SEGMENT: First City
  • REWARD: x1 Selectable Gear (Rare), 500 EXP
  • LOCATION: Camp
  • This side quest only unlocks when the story wants to take you to Eagle Peaks
  • From there head back to Camp and you will find a random lost looking old man, go ahead and speak to him.
  • It seems Alfred has a few valuable items that he has left behind in his hut, we need to go and get them for him.
  • Okay, now we want to travel to the Radio Tower. You have probably already noticed an area here that seemed accessible but for some reason up until now you couldn’t gain access, well now we can!
  • Using the Radio Tower area we can now get to the Old Man’s Hut
  • The door will be marked and thus all you need to do is access it.
  • As soon as you enter the door you will come across your first wave of enemies to take care of, do so.
  • Once they have successfully been dealt with, head through the gate and the quest is practically finished.


An old man has been trying to reach his former home in the First City, but Insurgent patrols are blocking his path. You need to clear the way for him.

  • Clear the way to the old man’s house


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