Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous – Devoured By Darkness (Main Story Quest) Guide

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As with most role-playing games out there players can expect to enjoy a vast range of both main story quests as well as optional side quests as they continue through the world of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

This specific page will be focused on the Devoured By Darkness (Main Story Quest)

  • QUEST NAME: Devoured By Darkness
  • QUEST TYPE: Main Story Quest
  • LOCATION: Underground Caves Of Kenabres
  • QUEST GIVER: N/A. Unmissable
  • PREREQUISITE: Day Of The City
  • GUIDE:
  • After successfully completing Day Of The City we will now find ourselves underground, lost and confused we must now seek out any other potential survivors!
  • The first survivor or survivors that we will come across is Anevia and Seelah. The former individual seems to be stuck under some rubble, so lets help her out. If you win the Diplomacy roll then you will be rewarded with a bonus 200 Gold
  • We will now be told how to control our party, this is quite straight forward for those used to these types of games. However, for those who are not, you basically just click and drag over your new companions (PC)
  • As with most role-playing games you will be able to loot valuable ingredients and gear from various containers, so be sure to look out for them. This first container will contain a Cold Iron Greataxe, Everburning Torch x2, Flail, Cloak of Resistance +1, Longsword, and Shortspear
  • Soon enough we will bump into our second companion, Camellia. She is our healer and spellcaster. We will now learn how to use abilities
  • In order to heal Camellia, who seems to of taken quite a bit of damage, simply click on her portrait.
  • This will bring up all of her currently equipped abilities. Next select the Cure Light Wounds ability and finally select the individual that needs healing, which in this case is Camellia
  • Anyway keep following the path, you can’t get lost as it is basically a linear path from here. Eventually you will reach our next set of companions Lann and Wenduag, who are apparently crusaders on the hunt for a holy sword
  • Whilst you are in this area go ahead and inspect the collection of rocks to the North, a scene will then unfold involving the Deskari and Lariel. We will now gain the Light of Heaven
  • Due to our new found power Lann will want to take us to his chief, who goes by the name of Sull, in order to rally a tribe and find a way through the maze and back to the surface.
  • Okay lets go find Sully and the mongrel village shall we? We can start our search by heading to the North East and inspecting the (Get across mobility – Rubble)
  • When you arrive at the mongrel village entrance Wenduag will stop you and will claim that by showing Sull the light of heaven, you are risking their lives and that in exchange for not telling them she will escort you through the maze instead. For now ignore this but keep it in mind.
  • We will now be at the mongrel village (Neathholm). You can find Sull, the clan chief, to the North East by the tents
  • You will now be given the option to either show Sull your new heavenly light ability or to side with Wenduag and conceal it. Options like these usually lead to alternative routes, which sometimes can result in extra bonus gear or the loss of a companion. So these types of choices can have a significant impact on the game and they will appear throughout so be ready
  • As for this specific choice it won’t technically have too much of an impact other than having a different opening and ending to the next section of the game, none of which will have much of a difference. We will still need to explore the same location regardless. Your first real choice that has any real significant impact will come after exploring the maze


  • If you select this choice, not much will be different compared to the other option.
  • However, as this is regarded as as the ‘good option’ you will be able to spare the lives of a select few mongrels at the end of the maze. Though, in reality it doesn’t have that much of an impact, just expect Wenduag to be slightly disappointed by you
  • You will however, loose Wenduag from your party. Though this is temporary as she will return later.
  • The entrance to the maze is slightly different too
  • Anyway after resting at the hut (see below), we can now continue to the Shield Maze.
  • In order to get there you will need to head North East so we can exit the area and go through the Main Gate


  • If you select this choice, not much will be different compared to the other option.
  • However, as this is regarded as the ‘bad option’ you will be sacrificing the lives of the mongrels, the complete opposite to what Wenduag told us earlier. Though, this doesn’t have too much of an impact on anything else, just expect Lann to be slightly disappointed with you.
  • You will however, loose Lann from your party. Though this is temporary as he will return later.
  • The entrance to the maze is slightly different too
  • Anyway after resting at the hut (see below), we can now continue to the Shield Maze.
  • In order to reach the maze we will need to cross the water to the North West


  • Anyway after making your decision we can make our way to the Shield Maze. You will however, get stopped before hand and a new quest ‘Gwerm Family Secrets‘ will activate
  • We will now need to rest, you can do so by heading East. The tent you can sleep in is next to the trader here.
  • Anyway make your way to the Shield Maze by whichever route your chose


The festival organized to raise the spirits of the city has ended in death and destruction. Those lucky enough to survive ended up in the ancient catacombs beneath Kenabres, catacombs in which, so the rumours say, live a brood of bloodthirsty humanoid creatures


One strike of the demon lord’s titanic scythe and the merriment turned to terror, and toasts of celebration turned to moans of the dying. For those lucky enough to survive the calamity, it makes sense to seek out fellow travellers in this misfortune


Even at the best of times, the caves beneath Kenabres have always been considered a deadly trap, but now that earth tremors have collapsed many of the passages, it will take a miracle for those swallowed by darkness to find their way back to the light.

  • The more people who pitch in to help look for the sword in the collapsed cave, the sooner the mongrels will show the way back to the surface
  • The new acquaintances are willing to help and will lead the way through the Shield Maze. But first, a visit to their village is in order


The mongrels say that the Shield Maze that leads to the surface holds many dangers. Before setting off, it would be wise to rest in a village hut as Chief Sull advised


The mongrels are ready to storm the Shield Maze to get back their children. A laudable plan, but one which will likely require assistance if it is to succeed. (If chosen to side with Lann)

The time has come to leave the mongrels to deal with their own matters and focus on getting back to the city. The huntress Wenduag believes that the Shield Maze leads to the surface, but she cannot find the way out alone (If chosen to side with Wenduag)



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