Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous – Shield Maze Colours (Devoured By Darkness) Puzzle Guide

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There are many different puzzles that you can find and solve during your adventures through Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous.

One such puzzle can be found whilst going through the Devoured By Darkness story quest when you are exploring the Shield Maze, here you will find a room with various coloured panels.

Anyway below is a simple guide on how to complete this one..

  • LOCATION: Shield Maze
  • QUEST: Devoured By Darkness
  • GUIDE:
  • You will come across this puzzle when you reach the end of the Shield Maze, though it is also missable as you do not really need to explore this particular room.
  • However, for those who do manage to find it then you will see yourself coming face to face with a set of coloured panels on the wall
  • Anyway after taking care of the Cambion in the room, we will get to play with the fancy coloured panels.
  • Feel free to randomly select whichever one and try to solve it yourself, it worked for me…
  • However, chances are you have probably already done that and that is why you are here.
  • So lets get straight to the point, here is the correct solution to the puzzle


  • The first coloured panel that you need to click on is the Yellow one


  • The second panel is the blue one


  • Now select the red panel


  • Then finally you want to select the Yellow panel once again
  • After successfully doing that a secret door will then open and you can reap your rewards
  • You will find a Longsword known as the Radiance, which deals 1-8 damage (1d8 slashing) and 7-14 damage when equipped, 19-20(x2) critical hit.
  • When you claim the Radiance sword you will also unlock the trophy achievement, Radiance.


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