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One of the many trophies / achievements within Resident Evil 3 Remake is Power Stones which requires you to solve the Clock Tower Commemoration puzzle.

The puzzle itself isn’t too difficult and mainly just requires a lot of running around and collecting various different Jewels.

You will need the RedYellow and Blue Jewel in order to fully complete the puzzle and in doing so you will get several different rewards including; GrenadeTactical Shock (Handgun) and a Hip Pouch

The actual Clock Tower Puzzle can be found at the start of the game in the Subway Station

So lets begin… So where can we find these Jewels you may ask? Well it’s simple as they are all rather close by, although one of which does require the Lock Pick and Bolt Butters

The Lock Pick can be found after continuing the story a bit and encountering a locked gate alongside some Herbs and a set of Computers, there is a dead body near here that holds this LockPick.

​The Bolt Cutters can be found in the Garage which requires a bit of story progress to reach.

You will be looking for items known as Fancy Box and once you have found one of them you will then need to go into your inventory and examine it in order to open it and obtain the Jewel.


You will find the Red Jewel inside the Moon Donut Shop, it will be inside the back kitchen where you will also find a Typewriter and Item Box


This one requires the Bolt Cutters (Garage), once you have them you can then return to the Supermarket near the Toy Store.
Enter the store and grab the box off the counter


This one requires the LockPick (Control Room – Near Locked Gate), it is actually a story related item. 
After getting the LockPick you can then return to the Toy Store and head inside, the final box lies on the table here.

Once you have all 3 Jewels you can then return to the Subway Station and claim your prize!

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