(RE3R) Resident Evil 3 (Remake) Vs Resident Evil 3 (Original) : Carlos & Mikhail Character Intros Comparison

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Yet another page on Resident Evil 3 Remake Vs Resident Evil 3 Original. In this one we will be witnessing the differences between the character introductions to both Carlos and Mikhail.

Carlos is a character that plays a much bigger role in both the Original and Remake compared to Mikhail. 
Though he is also a member of Umbrella just like Mikhail, he seems to be much laid back and more accepting of the game’s main protagonist, Jill Valentine.

Anyway lets compare his different introductions shall we?

In the original Carlos is first heard over the radio in the S.T.A.R.S Police Station, though at this point Jill doesn’t know who Carlos is. The only thing she is aware of is the fact that Carlos may be another survivor.

The first actual appearance for both Jill Valentine and Carlos is whilst Jill ventures through the Kitchen. Their meeting is very short however, as a certain Nemesis decides to crash the party.

As for the Remake version, again Nemesis was involved. However, Carlos this time becomes a hero of sorts and saves Jill from the clutches of death and this all happens outside of that fancy Kitchen too.

​Carlos also looks very much different from his Original look, back then he seems to have more of a curtained hair style, whilst in the Remake he seems to of taken on the more Afro look.



As for Mikhail, his Original introduction is well a sorry state of sorts actually. As we first encounter Mikhail who seems to be in more pain than his Remake counterpart.
Laying out in agony from being attacked and more or less unable to move.

As for his Remake introduction, he though still injured and all of this is is once again happening in the Train Car. However, this time he seems to be in less agony as he has taken more of a sitting up position rather than laying back unable to move.
He also has Carlos around to help him out too.



So there we have it, the 2 different character introductions for both Carlos and Mikhail. Both comparisons are from the Original and Remake of Resident Evil 3

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