(RE3R) Resident Evil 3 (Remake) Vs Resident Evil 3 (Original) : Brad Vickers Character Intro / Death Comparison

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The character of Brad Vickers the lovable young dashing detective, member of S.T.A.R.S. and an all around American heartthrob.

Sadly life hasn’t been that nice to poor old Brad who’s first appearance was back in Resident Evil, though it was only brief. He served as the Pilot that lead the team to the creepy Spencer Mansion.

In Resident Evil 3 he sadly met his fatal end and as you can see from the comparison videos, in the original he was doomed from the start as Jill entered the famous Bar and saw him get bit by several surrounding Zombies.

In the Remake he lasted a little longer as he was able to run with Jill and his death as you can see was completely different, though again Zombies where the ones to end him. Still, you can tell the differences here.

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Though bitten and obviously doomed with his fate now officially sealed, that didn’t quite end him.. not yet anyway.

He did manage to make at least one more appearance before it was game over for poor Brad. Again the differences are quite clear, with the original his fate is sealed by Nemesis. Whilst in the Remake his fate is sealed by Carlos or the player (whichever you want to call it) as you end up in a small fight where you need to finish him off.

What is also new with both the Original and Remake is the fact that unlike with the Original, Marvin makes an appearance.
Marvin was never in Resident Evil 3 to begin with, so there another huge difference between the 2 different versions.

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Well as you can see there is quite a big difference between the versions of the Original and Remake.

We always enjoy creating pages like this as it in our opinions is really interesting to see these differences.

Anyway RIP Brad Vickers you where a good sport!

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