(RE3R) Resident Evil 3 Remake : Resident Evil 2 (RE2) End Credits Theme (Easter Egg)

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As a massive fan of the Resident Evil series and mainly Resident Evil 2, mainly because it was the first one in the series that we played and thus became our favourite.
It was amazing to just causally stroll around the terrifying streets of Raccoon City and then hear this heavy metal theme just randomly play rather unexpectedly. 
As a massive fan we couldn’t help but smile as we knew exactly what that theme was!

For those who may not know about the theme or just didn’t hear it for some reason and want to check it out for yourselves then its quite simple, lets begin..

For one the theme can be heard almost all of the time, however note the world ‘almost’. We say almost because after getting to a certain point within the game, the theme stopped playing and no matter how many times we tried to exit and re-enter the building the theme just wouldn’t play.
Though we cannot exactly confirm this as sadly we haven’t tested it that much, however after we managed to trigger a certain black trench coat individual that is when the music stopped for us. Also as a quick note here, we are writing this after only having played the Demo as the full game has not yet been released. 
The theme itself can be heard whilst at the Moon’s Donut place. 

For those who may be new and unaware of this theme that I am referring to then it is the theme that plays during the Ending Credits to the original Resident Evil 2 game.
However, in order to listen to that song you needed to complete the original Resident Evil 2 game on both Scenarios so either A then B or B then A with both A and B being the Scenarios. 
Once you completed both Scenarios the theme would then play as a special well done kind of thing.

Below is a video on the Easter Egg as well as a video of the actual song from the original Resident Evil 2 game! (For comparison purposes)

Resident Evil 3 Easter Egg

Actual theme from the original Resident Evil 2 game (Source/Uploaded By: ​Ahmad Musleh)

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