(RE3R) Resident Evil 3 Remake : Final Boss – Nemesis (Nest) Guide

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Ah the end is neigh and it’s finally time to eliminate Nemsis once and for all, there is only one more challenge that we must take on in order for it to end.

This fight is a bit different compared to the previous ones and unlike the previous fights Nemesis will not be moving around and will certainly not be jumping around the walls.

In fact in this fight Nemesis will only be able to move his arms around and to be fair his arms are rather long and big, eesh..

You also have several canisters on both sides of the walls, some of which are blue whilst others are red. 

Anyway for this final fight Nemesis will be using his arms to attack you, he can slice you using side attacks and squash you using attacks from above (basically raising his fists).

Your goal here is to not actually attack him exactly, instead you want to focus your attacks on the yellow blobs on his body that appear, destroying them will weaken him.

When he is weakened you will then want to run to any of the canisters that are currently RED and push them so that they turn BLUE, we need all of the canisters to turn BLUE in order to be able to use the Ray Gun in the room. Nemesis can only be defeated using this Ray Gun. Depending on what difficulty you are currently playing on will determine how many Ray Gun attacks it will take to end him.

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