(RE2) Resident Evil 2 Remake : Witness The True Ending (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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To unlock this trophy/achievement you need to play a mode that is known as ‘First run’ and ‘Second run’ or run ‘A’ and run ‘B’. The ending features an extension of the first run ending that involves you fighting another form of Birkin on the Train. This ending was in the original game too. After completing both the First Run (Run A) and Second Run (Run B) you will unlock this one.

Anyway below you will see some remake vs original videos plus all 3 of the different Resident Evil 2 Remake endings. (Comparisons)

RPD Comparison (Main Hall / Marvin / STARS Office)
Claire Redfield Opening Intro
All Resident Evil 2 Remake Endings
(Features Claire, Leon & True (Witness The True) Ending)

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