Return To Monkey Island – Fan Service (Convince Cobb About LOOM) Guide

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Fan Service is yet another available trophy achievement that can be unlocked within Return to Monkey Island.

Fan Service basically requires us to convince Cobb to tell you about Loom. This can be done during our first visit to Scumm Bar (Part One). After we are done speaking with Elaine.

We will then need to speak with Cobb and during which we will then be given several dialogue options in which to choose from.

After we are done speaking with Elaine we will then need to head to the docks in order to find and speak with Cobb, who will be at the Scumm Bar.

Cobb is a rather rough looking individual that you can find sitting at the back of the room. Guybrush will be quite surprised to find Cobb here. Cobb will simply react to this by declaring himself as an historical landmark.

We will then be given several dialogue options in which to choose from, these include the following;

+ The place does seem different from what I remember

+ Tell me about Loom

+ Nice talking to you.

Here we will want to choose the ‘Tell me about Loom‘ option. Cobb is not very easily swayed and refuses to continue the conversation. Still we need to know.

The next dialogue option that we now need to select is Then why don’t you take off the ‘Ask me about Loom’ button? Cobb will then reply and mention that bis old body has managed to infuse with it. That he is now more button than man. Well that didn’t really help did it? Hmm.. Still again we need to know.

The next dialogue option that we need is Oh, come on. Tell me about Loom. For old times’ sake. Cobb is now beginning to get angry with us. Still we need to know..

So with that lets keep trying to press him, choose the Say It! option. He is, unfortunately, still being persistent.

Okay lets try again, this time we want to choose the Saaayyy it! option. This time he will finally let down his guard.

The Fan Service trophy achievement is, as it says, regarded to fan service. Basically Cobb was a character who appears in ‘Loom’. He was a henchman of the game’s main antagonist. The main antagonist in ‘Loom’ was a Cleric known as Bishop Mandible.

Loom is a video game that was released back in the 1990s. It was developed by the team over at Lucasfilm Games.

In Return to Monkey Island Cobb is very much different to his appearance in ‘Loom’, he is now known to be more weary of people. Especially when it comes to the subject of ‘Loom’.


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