Return To Monkey Island – Lucky Duck (Shared Your Luck) Trophy Achievement Guide

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One of the available and unlockable trophies and achievements within Return to Monkey Island is Lucky Duck.

Lucky Duck requires us to share our luck. This one can be unlocked during the ‘Mess Around & Explore‘ objective. This will take us to a park where we will meet up with a character known as Dee.

One of the objectives that Dee then gives us is to go and feed the ducks. This is when we can attempt to unlock this specific trophy achievement.

Head towards the duck pond after we are done speaking with Dee and you should then be able to locate a wooden sign board. On this wooden sign board is a picture of a four-leaf clover.

Inspect this sign board in order to begin searching for this four-leaf clover. We can actually find the required item on the small patch of grass here. Obtained the four-leaf clover. Unfortunately Dee is not too impressed that we did end up managing to find one.

Anyway with the four-leaf clover now in our hands we can then head towards the duck pond. From there head into your inventory and give the poor lonely duck the four-leaf clover.

The duck will then begin to wear this four-leaf clover on it’s head. Adorable.


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