Return To Monkey Island – Pegleg (Restroom Obligations) Trophy Achievement Guide

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One of the many trophies and achievements that players can unlock within Return to Monkey Island is Pegleg.

Pegleg can be unlocked from as early as the prelude at the start of the game, it will be connected to the scurvydogs objective. Where we will need to gain access to the outhouse.

This is quite a straightforward trophy achievement to unlock. However, as it isn’t really part of your objectives, it is also a missable one too.

Anyway during the prelude of Return to Monkey Island we will be tasked with having to buy a scurvydog. These scurvydogs are basically sausages that look rather disgusting in all honesty.

Moving on and in order to buy a scurvydog we will need to acquire a coin. This will then take us to the outhouse. The outhouse will, of course, require a key in order to gain access.

Once we have this coin we are then able to speak with the vendor in order to purchase the scurvydog and complete this specific objective.

However, in order to continue with this and unlock the Pegleg trophy achievement we will need to hand the outhouse key back to the vendor.

We can do this by going into our inventory and selecting the outhouse key. From there simply drag and drop it back to its original position on the wall.

The vendor is a bit of a rude individual but this should then give us the Pegleg trophy achievement


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