Return To Monkey Island – Where To Find Coins (Buy Scurvydogs) Guide

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One of the tasks that you will find yourself having to do is Buy Scurvydogs. This will be part of your Mighty Pirate TODO List

In order to buy scurvydogs we will need to find coin. We can do this by exploring the outhouse. According to Chuckie coins fall out of people’s pockets. Interesting…

However, in order to actually gain access to this outhouse we will first need to acquire a key.


In order to begin our quest to buy some scurvydogs we will need to find the required key. This key will allow us to gain access to a particular building.

So with that being said we will need to enter the building on the right. In here we will get some conversation with Chuckie.

Chuckie will mention the outhouse and that inside this outhouse coin tends to fall out of people’s pockets. We will need coin in order to purchase the scurvydogs.

On the wall in this room there will be a wooden leg (Pegleg). On this wooden leg there will be a key. We need this key in order to unlock the door to the outhouse. The vendor should let you take it


Once we have the key we can then enter the outhouse. The outhouse is the building to the left. Once you are inside the outhouse we can find an item of interest on the floor.

This item of interest is apparently a slug or as Chuckie calls it a ‘fake coin’. Boybrush will mention that this ‘fake coin’ is almost as good as a real coin.

Take the ‘fake coin’


With the ‘fake coin’ we can then return back to the vendor. Here we can purchase our scurvydogs by speaking with this vendor.

The vendor will mention that the ‘fake coin’ tastes like a piece of eight. He will then accept and allow us to have a few scurvydogs.

Boybrush and Chuckie then go off to enjoy their scurvydogs.


Buy Scurvydogs:

Find a coin

(Note: We can actually unlock the Pegleg trophy achievement during this section of the game. We can unlock it once we have purchased the scurvydog)


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