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After completing the Buy Scurvydogs objective we will then be tasked with having to Mess around and Explore.

This particular objective will make us meet up with another fellow character known as Dee, who is apparently a friend of Chuckie.

Unfortunately Dee will seem like a bit of a jerk as she manages to grab our ToDo list and scribbles extra tasks for us to complete. Quite a lot of new tasks actually. These new tasks will all range in a host of various different activities such as beating Chuckie in a race, practise swordfighting, and many more… There will be a total of 7 new tasks for us to now complete altogether


In order to actually be able to complete this task we will need to speak with Dee regarding the nearby anchor.

Despite Boybrush thinking that this nearby anchor is rather cool, Dee will not hesitate to quickly try and correct him. In fact she will then go on to say that anchors were not originally designed to hold ships in place. She will then continue on a rather lengthy conversation regarding what they are actually used for. Including going into detail about their various sizes and shapes.


Whilst remaining in the same area as both Dee and the anchor we can also manage to find the race track in order to begin racing against Chuckie.

Basically in order to hopefully win the race against Chuckie we will need to quickly double tap the required button.

Hopefully if you manage to do all of this correctly we will be able to win the race. Meanwhile poor Chuckie will run directly into a nearby tree in comical fashion.


Heading right of the race track now and we will encounter a pond and a couple of people who are currently inspecting this pond.

Next to this couple there should be a small basket, curious, I wonder what is inside. If we try to investigate this basket we will instantly get caught and told off. Uh-oh

Anyway whilst the couple’s attention is turned on to the basket this will then allow us to grab the bread next to the woman here. This is what we are really after. The basket was just a mere distraction.

After picking up the bread Chuckie will then tell us to run, ignore him. Instead concentrate on feeding the ducks.


Next to the pond there should be something small and red on the floor, this is actually sauce. Ketchup to be more precise. Chuckie will mention that ketchup is usually really good with Scurvydogs.

Pick up the ketchup and listen to Chuckie and use it on a Scurvydog.


Now not too far away from the pond there will be a ship, head to the ship in order to begin this one.

Both Chuckie and Boybrush will attempt to fight each other using Scurvydogs. You will never ketchup to my level!

Unlike with the running race we will not actually be able to win this one. So instead just watch the scene play out.


Just south of the area and there should be a wooden sign, if you inspect it closely you should notice a picture of a four-leaf clover on it.

Boybrush will then attempt to read this sign and it will state that ‘you should not actually try to pick up the four-leaf clover’. Boybrush will obviously laugh at this as we will be tasked to anyway.

Search for the four-leaf clover. The clover should be located on the small bit of grass, near Chuckie.


Keep following the area right until you find a small wishing well. Boybrush will mention that he should find a coin to throw in.

There will actually be a coin next to Chuckie that we can use, go ahead and do so. Throw the coin into the wishing well to complete this one.

We will then be given several options to choose from, this will include;

I wish Chuckie had a moustache

I wish Dee would disappear!

I wish for a cool plant

I wish for another Scurvydog

I wish we could speak backwards.


Mess Around And Explore:

Check out the anchor

Beat Chuckie in a race

Feed the duck

Add some sauce to my Scurvydog

Practise swordfighting

Find a four-leaf clover

Make a wish at the wishing well.

(Note: We can actually unlock the Lucky Duck trophy achievement during this objective. This will require us to explore the duck pond and share our luck)


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