Returnal : All Permanent Equipment Locations List Guide

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Returnal has many different collectibles that players can try and look out for, these include the Scout LogsXenoglyphsShip LogsPermanent Equipment and Xeno-Archives. However, for the sake of this specific guide we will be working on collecting the Permanent Equipment

Basically this page is intended to help you find the permanent equipment that you can get within the game. As you continue your adventures you will come across two different types of equipment, one of which is permanent and the other type is of course not.

You will be able to carry permanent gear into the next life with Selene, the other type which is not permanent will leave you once you die or use such item

Below is the locations on where to find the equipment


  • Xeno-Tech Prism – Crimson Waste
  • Anathema Key – Overgrown Ruins
  • Atropian Weapon Charger – Overgrown Ruins
  • Crimson Key – Overgrown Ruins
  • House Key – Overgrown Ruins
  • Ether – Biomes
  • Xenoglyph Cipher – Biomes


  • Astronaut Figurine – Overgrown Ruins
  • Blown Nightlight – Available to purchase at the store
  • Broken Calibrator – Biomes
  • Pristine Calibrator – Biomes
  • Enhanced Calibrator – Biomes
  • Pulsating Mass – Biomes
  • Recharging Response – Biomes
  • Recharging Overload – Biomes
  • Wound Seekers – Biomes
  • Unfed Pod – Biomes
  • Alt-Fire Coolant – Biomes
  • Silphium Vial – Biomes
  • Large Silphium Vial – Biomes
  • Obolite Siphon – Biomes
  • Translocation Sphere – Biomes
  • Silphium – Biomes
  • Malignant Key – Biomes
  • Malignant Obolite Chunk – Biomes
  • Malignant Silphium – Biomes
  • Parasites of Any Kind – Biomes
  • Atropian Key – Biomes
  • Datacube – Biomes
  • Obolite Chunk – Biomes
  • Execution Coolant – Biomes
  • Repair Circut – Biomes


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