Returnal : All Ship Logs Locations (Lore Logs) Guide

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Returnal has many different collectibles that players can try and look out for, these include the Scout LogsXenoglyphsShip LogsPermanent Equipment and Xeno-Archives. However, for the sake of this specific guide we will be working on collecting the Ship Logs

The Ship Logs are related to the lore of the game and thus make for some good reading

Below is the locations on where to find the Ship Logs. There is a total of 18 Ship Logs altogether


  • Astra Command Priority Directive
  • The White Shadow Signal
  • Protocol & Regulations: Scout Division
  • Selene Vassos Personnel File
  • Requisition Order
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Scout Equipment Specifications
  • Xenoanthropology
  • Request Denied
  • Astra Command Priority Broadcast
  • Passing The Moon
  • In Event Of Moon Disaster
  • The Damned Titans And Heracles
  • Echoing Earworms
  • Narcissus Falling
  • The Great Flood
  • Destroying The Last Titan
  • ???

(Currently In Progress..)


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