Returnal : All Xenoglyphs Locations (Cryptic Translations) Guide

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Returnal has many different collectibles that players can try and look out for, these include the Scout LogsXenoglyphsShip LogsPermanent Equipment and Xeno-Archives. However, for the sake of this specific guide we will be working on collecting the Xenoglyphs

There are multiple trophies and achievements connected to this one including; Cryptic Messages and Cryptic Translations

The Xenoglyphs help you to decipher the various alien language and teaches you more about the planet.

Below is the various different locations on where you can find these Xenoglyphs. There is a total of 20 to find and collect


  • Our Severed Brethren
  • Eyes Beholding
  • Barred From Citadel
  • The Exalted One
  • Our Brethren Were Destroyed
  • Countless Feasts
  • So Much To Destroy
  • Revived Catastrophe
  • Unsought Genocide
  • Severed Memories
  • Into A Lake Of Madness
  • This Endless Song
  • Ichor Waterfall
  • Ejected From Olympus
  • Listen To The Silence
  • Impassable Barrier
  • A Way To Connect
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

(Currently In Progress..)


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