Returnal : Eternal Void (Scout Log) Guide

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Scout Logs are one of the many different collectibles that you can find and collect within Returnal, with the others being  XenoglyphsShip Logs, and Xeno-Archives

Scout Logs are voice recordings left by Selene’s past incarnations

Now keep in mind that as you restart each cycle through either dying or opting to start again you are constantly changing the area layout, thus this might affect the exact locations to these collectibles.

However, be rest assured that these collectibles can and will be found in that specific region, just expect the surroundings to be a bit different.

This particular page will cover the Eternal Void (Scout Log)

  • NAME: Eternal Void
  • COLLECTIBLE: Scout Log
  • LOCATION/REGION: Overgrown Ruins
  • DESCRIPTION: It is impossible to escape. I have tried everything. I’m always brought back by- There is a moment between death and rebirth: When tentacles drag me down. Screaming. Drowning. Returning.


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