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The Saints Row (2022) reboot has many available optional side hustle missions that players can unlock and take part in. One of which is Choplifting

The Choplifting is a side hustle that is part of the Old Town East district. It requires players to pilot an aircraft for a bank job.

SIDE HUSTLE: Choplifting
DISTRICT: Old Town East
REWARDS: $4000, 1200 XP, Umbrella Rifle

Proceed to speak with Hawk and we will get informed on the mission at hand. After the conversation we will then automatically find ourselves inside a helicopter.

This mission is somewhat similar to the Riding Shotgun mission in terms of getting a tutorial on how to use the vehicle and having bonus objectives.

Our goal is to find an armored car and pick it up and drop it off at the rendezvous. We will have only 4 minutes in which to do all of this in.

Head to the mission marker north of your current location and you will find the vehicle. The vehicle can be found at the bank over in Marina East.

Once you arrive deploy your magnet (wheel button – PC) and collect the vehicle. Unfortunately as we attempt to do this enemy hostiles will arrive, making sure that our task is never an easy one.

We will then need to deliver the vehicle at the rendezvous, remember that we are still being timed so ignore the enemy hostile as we don’t have time to play with them.

As we continue to make our approach to the rendezvous we will always need to keep an eye on the vehicle health. If the health bar continues to deplete it will be a mission fail and we will have to restart.


Kev’s friend Hawk needs a pilot for a bank job. Meet him on the east side of Old Town.


Maintain Max Airspeed 0/20s

Keep the Payload Low 0/20s


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