Saints Row (2022) – @TCHA Lasso Lounge (Side Hustle) Guide

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The Saints Row (2022) reboot has many available optional side hustle missions that players can unlock and take part in. One of which is @TCHA Lasso Lounge

The @TCHA Lasso Lounge is a side hustle that is part of the Old Town West district. It requires players to leave yet another bad review 

(Note: We will be able to complete this one after we have successfully completed the @TCHA Batter-Up Donuts)

DISTRICT: Old Town West
REWARDS: Police Baton, New Weapon Patterns, Cash $10000 (Based on providing the lowest rating)

After we have successfully completed the @TCHA Batter-Up Donuts we can then begin this one, as the next one in the side hustle mission chain.

Head to the Lasso Lounge and again interact with the display board by the entrance to the building. This should be rather familiar after the last side hustle. We will now be allowed to give our negative review.

5 STAR = Good rating

4 STAR = The bathrooms only have 1-ply toilet paper

3 STAR = The bartender’s cowboy boots make too much noise

2 STAR = It’s a dude ranch for douchebags

1 STAR = Mechanical bull dropped a deuce.

After giving your feedback you will then need to eliminate the incoming threat.


Leave a bad review for the Lasso Lounge and survive the wrath of Marshall.

Give a lower rating for a harder challenge and bigger cash and XP rewards.


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