Serious Sam 4 – All Secrets (Death From Above – Mission 1) Guide

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Serious Sam 4 consists of many different missions, most of which feature a vast range of different collectibles for you to try and find.

Some of these collectibles include weapons such as the Rocket Launcher, Depots, Armors and more!

So lets try and track these down shall we? We will begin with the Death From Above – Mission 1

Death From Above – Mission 1 manages to feature a total of 8 different collectibles


For this mission you will be tasked with having to try and find Father Mikhail as well as trying to escape a courtyard with a burning down car nearby.

Anyway for the purpose of this guide, keep following the quest marker out of the courtyard and into a dark tunnel

Keep following the marker until you reach a rather smashed and beat up cabinet, the secret hidden Rocket Launcher can be found behind this.


From the last secret collectible, follow the path back outside and out of the dark tunnels.

Keep following the quest marker, stop however when you come to an area with a building to the right and large pillars (as seen above)

What you will need to do is head into this building on the right (you can’t actually enter the inside of it, instead you will want to go underneath it)

This next part is going to be tricky as you will need to do quite a bit of platform jumping and climbing.

Anyway there will or should be a box in the corner here with a Health item on top of it, you will need to climb this said box and grab the Health item if you need it.

Anyway whilst on this box turn around and you should hopefully see some ledges on the building supports here

You will need to take advantage of these ledges by jumping and climbing them in order to reach the top.

Once you get close to the top you should then be able to see a bright white ledge that you can then climb up, thankfully these white ledges are much more bigger and thus you shouldn’t have any problems getting up it.

However, please be warned that doing all of this may take a bit of trail and error at first.

Please also keep in mind that you do NOT need to travel to the opposite side of this building, instead just keep jumping and climbing and remaining in the far right side of the building where the box you should of climb in order to get here actually is.

The secret depot can be found up here on the white ledge.


Staying in the same area as the last collectible and the giant floating fish like creature, continue to follow the quest marker.

However, when going through the maze of brick walls, keep to the right.

Follow the path on the right (you want to go left in the image above) here in order to find a small green bush, the next collectible can be found behind it


Soon you should hopefully find yourself in a large area with several more pillars and damaged statues all littering the middle of the area. This area will also have several Jets flying over it

At this point you may of also unlocked the OVER THE WALL optional objective too.

Anyway moving slightly on now, what we want to do is actually ignore the lovely stone pillar area and the Jets, instead turn back around from here and head over the optional objective wall (as seen above)

To begin with keep following the blue quest marker through a rather linear path, then up some steps.

However, after heading up the steps turn right and follow the greenery through and past yet more brick walls

However, when you reach the small green bush (marked above) head through this bush and turn right

Here under the small arch (marked above) will be where the next secret collectible will be located.


Heading inside the building behind Kenny here, after passing through the flying Jet area. Head up the stairs to the second floor.

When you make it back outside, immediately turn to the right. Then follow the path around and through some panelled walls

The next collectible secret can be found at the end of these panelled walls here, next to a parked up white van


Heading back and following the long empty streets towards the quest marker once again.

Ignore any forks in the path and continue North. However, when you come across a white van that sits next to a yellow truck, stop here.

At this point you will now want to climb up on top of this white van.

From the white van you will then want to jump over onto the yellow truck, the next secret collectible can be found on top of the truck here


Hopping back off the truck now, continue on towards the yellow quest marker once again.

The next secret depot can be found hidden behind the damaged car between the buildings on the right and the tree roots that are forming on the building to the left


Keep following the quest marker and head past the building with the damaged roof, you will now find yourself on the tarmac road.

Keep following the road but keep to the left side of it, and when you come across a small bridge, proceed to cross it.

Keep following the bridge until you reach a gate, as you may of already guessed by now you will indeed be fighting a raging Cow, so get ready for it.

Equip a weapon you deem to be useful (I personally recommend a pistol as the foe shouldn’t be too tough). Now if you look at the picture on the gate here, you should find that the picture represents a Cow, you will want to shoot this picture (yes shoot the picture, don’t question me!)

Then it may be best to watch your back! Enjoy!


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