Serious Sam 4 – All Secrets (Death From Below – Mission 2) Guide

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Serious Sam 4 consists of many different missions, most of which feature a vast range of different collectibles for you to try and find.

Some of these collectibles include weapons such as the Rocket Launcher, Depots, Armors and more!

So lets try and track these down shall we? We will begin with the Death From Below – Mission 2

Death From Below – Mission 2 manages to feature a total of 7 different collectibles


Your main objective for this particular mission is to meet Rodriguez and Jones. However, for the benefit of this specific guide and in order to find the hidden secrets you will want to start at the Church here

From the Church head down the path to the left and past the cars and vehicles here. Basically keep following the quest marker, for now.

Keep heading towards that quest marker, passing through more open areas and eventually you will hit a more enclosed area once again which should lead you to a black van.

Now for the rather tricky part. At this black van, you will now need to climb on top of it.

Whilst on top of this black van you will now want to position yourself so that you are facing the nearby second floor of buildings, you should also see a section sticking out that you can actually run and jump onto (seen above)

So go ahead and using the van run and jump onto this sticking out section, your ultimate goal here is to get onto the section with the second floor building or second floor doors (however you wish to call it)

This next part is also rather tricky (as expected all of this will of course require a bit of trail and error).

Whilst in this little section of the second floor, you will now want to use the various windows and air vents in order to jump and climb yourself to the actual roof of this very building. (Again trail and error but trust me it is possible)

As well as the vents and windows that can be used to climb and jump up to, you will also need to make use of the wooden plank here too. (Patience my fellow viewer)

Now if you position yourself correctly on this rather narrow plank of wood, you should hopefully see a window ledge that you should be able to jump to (Again trail and error but also believe it or not possible too) In order to perhaps have better luck at this part you may need to be standing on the small white section of this wooden plank

Thankfully we are about done with this section now, if only we could turn into Spider-Man right now, right? ha!

Anyway in the rather dark window here will be what all of the fuss is about, worth it though, right?


Starting from the black van at the location with the last collectible, we have yes you guessed it more platforming to pull off! Hey don’t leave! trust me this next one isn’t as half as bad as the last one

Anyway just around the corner and to the right there should be a red car, hmm another vehicle. What are vehicles good for? at least in this game anyway? Yes your next task is to (just like with the black van before), hop on top of this vehicle.

On the wall here will be a white air vent, this is actually quite useful as we will now need to jump onto it.

From the white air vent, you will now want to jump on over to the platform opposite, this is where you will find the next collectible (Secret Health)


From the red vehicle and the last collectible, you should be able to see a small building just opposite, your goal is to get on top of this said building.

In order to get on top of this building you can use the white table (see how it stands out compared to the other table next to the other bench?)

The next collectible (Secret Armor) can be found up here


From the last collectible, follow the path around and to the left. Head past the fire which should be very noticeable and on the right.

Continue along the path and at the wired fenced area and a few armored troops, turn in order to see some objects that you can climb up, do so.

Your current goal is to get onto the roof of the building here,

Up on this not-so-tricky roof is the next collectible (Secret Ammo Depot)


From the last collectible, start by dropping down from the roof if you have not yet done so then turn and head right.

From here keep on following the quest marker, then when you eventually reach it, head into the building with the blue and white shade above the door.

Whilst inside this building follow the several sets of stairs that then follow, until you reach the floor at the very top and back outside once again.

Now your next challenge is to run and jump onto the ledge opposite (marked above), in order to pull this one off you will need to make sure that you are quite a fair distance away in order to perform a perfect run and jump.

The best place to start this long run and jump is to head to the ramp with the pink flowers around it.

The Secret Gadget can be found on the balcony that I pointed out and that you should of hopefully landed on, if not try again as it will require a bit of trail and error as most of these collectibles seem to do.


Head back to ground floor if you have not yet done so, we need to once again start chasing down that quest marker.

When you reach the empty and deserted park with the swings with the .. well lack of actual swings but hey the bars are still there, some thief must of stole the actual swings or something, who knows?

Anyway regardless this is the area we need to now be in, just beyond the swing set and across the road by the Garages is a gate, head there.

Inside here will be a soccer ball or for us European folk, a Football. Now what you will need to do here is shoot it, yes shoot it! Pretend the ball is someone you don’t like and SHOOT IT!

Keep shooting the ball and by doing this you will be able to guide the ball around the area. Your objective is to guide the ball over to the ”Swing Set” that I mentioned before.

As you get closer you will then realise that this isn’t actually a ‘Swing Set’ after all, in fact it is a Football or Soccer goal just without an actual net attached to it. Still the markings on the floor are there, so it is still a clear indication.

So with this in mind, continue to guide the ball and score a fabulous goal! Remember Liverpool are the best! Sorry.. YNWA!

Anyway enough, perform this correctly in order to clear this one. Still it is a pity that no one is watching your amazing ball skills..

Your reward for this one is a ton of Health items that will pour down from the sky, lovely..


Once again proceed to follow the quest marker, head into the following building and follow the next set of stairs up.

You will want to keep following these stairs all of the way up to the very top floor and back outside once again.

Whilst up here you will want to jump onto the rail here (on the left side), as we have yet more platforming to do (thankfully the last one for this mission too)

We will now need to make a successful run and jump onto the roof of the building next to this one. So make sure to position yourself correctly on the rail before even attempting this one, and then when you are ready, go and fly my son!

Hopefully you have been successful and you are now on the roof of the next building. Don’t celebrate too soon though as we have another roof (well balcony actually) to run and jump to.

We now want to run and jump onto the blacony of the last building we where on just before this one, the one with all of those stairs you just climbed up.

As you see the other (lets call it stair building) has a balcony around the other side of it and we need to be on that said balcony, in order to do so we need to use this current roof that we should now be on in order to get there.

The balcony of the ‘stair building’ has the final set of collectibles and secrets, Jackpot!


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