Marvel’s Avengers : Bruce Banner (Hulk) & Thor (Party Dialogue Banter) Compilation

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As you progress through the game you will no doubt encounter the various different party and character dialogues, these are often triggered by simply either walking up to the characters or standing next to them long enough.

Now we are obviously not on about the cinematic scenes as these only occur whilst you have the ability to control the characters.

I’ll also admit I personally didn’t encounter any of these until I had completed the actual story. Whether it was actually possible to trigger these prior to getting the games ending or not I’m unsure, so expect a few possible spoilers mixed in with these due to this and the fact I only collected these after completing the game. You have been warned!

This specific page will be dedicated to the various dialogues of the mighty Bruce Banner / Hulk. Bruce Banner was actually my personal favourite character in this game, thus I ended up going ham and I personally think that I managed to collect quite a lot of his dialogue amongst his fellow team mates. (I certainly covered more of his dialogue than any other character ha!) Anyway first up is the dialogue or banter between him and Thor

NOTE: This is all from the base game, I am unsure if I’ll be adding anything from the upcoming dlc or not



THOR: Banner! How are you?
BRUCE BANNER: Uh, fine. Thanks, Thor.
BRUCE BANNER: Good to see you, Thor.
THOR: You as well, Dr Banner
THOR: Oh! Banner.. come in.
THOR: Banner!
BRUCE BANNER: Come on in, buddy.
THOR: Banner. You look calm today
BRUCE BANNER: I have good days and bad. Today’s.. not bad
THOR: So there is no chance of your other half paying us a visit?
BRUCE BANNER: Not unless you really want to push the issue
THOR: Good. GOOD..
THOR: Humans never cease to amaze me. From here it looks like chaos, but SHIELD keeps everything running somehow. We’re lucky to count them as allies
THOR: But say I wanted to tell the Hulk something. Does he recall what you heard?
BRUCE BANNER: Are you asking me if I can leave the Hulk a message?
THOR: Perhaps not in exactly those words, but that was the thrust of my questioning, yes.
BRUCE BANNER: Why do you want to communicate with him?
THOR: It’s private. Between me and the Hulk.
THOR: So is it possible?
BRUCE BANNER: We can try, but I have to tell you, I formally resent being the human component in a game of telephone. What’s the message?
THOR: Ah! Good. Please tell the Hulk he won. His high-fives are the hardest, and I don’t want him to do them any more. My hand hurts.
BRUCE BANNER: I have a lot of actual work to do
THOR: Of course
BRUCE BANNER: I’m just gonna, if you don’t mind..
THOR: Right. Good.
THOR: I must admit, Banner, I thought you all mad to bring a child into this
BRUCE BANNER: Oh, we didn’t bring her. She found her own way here, and then dragged us back.
THOR: Nonetheless, she is still young, and green
BRUCE BANNER: Weren’t we all at some point?
THOR: Not for a thousand years, but I take your meaning
THOR: But you were never one to take risks like this, not with other’s lives
BRUCE BANNER: I don’t have any right to tell her what she can and can’t do. She knows the risks, and she’s made her own call. Does that make sense?
THOR: It does.
BRUCE BANNER: You’ve been around for a little while, right?
THOR: The years of my life number in the thousands
BRUCE BANNER: So in all that time, you must of had some experience with.. you know, being hated. Blamed for something.
THOR: There are times when I outstayed my welcome, yes. I admit it.
THOR: Can we get back to battle soon? Mjolnir is becoming restless
BRUCE BANNER: So, is the damage done? Are they ever going to accept us the way they used to?
THOR: Hmm.. The people may not embrace us the way they once did. But that not why we do what we do
BRUCE BANNER: No, of course not.
THOR: It is a small portion of it, though! Let us not discount the worth of public affection. And I think we may, in time, earn it again.
BRUCE BANNER: *Sigh* So, how did you do it before? How did you get back into society’s good graces?
THOR: Well, you could be sent to a land where no one knows your name or face and start anew. Or, you can wait until those that know you have died and a new generation arises, ignorant of your crimes.
BRUCE BANNER: You see how both of these suggestions are useless for me?
THOR: Now that you mention it..
BRUCE BANNER: I didn’t think I’d ever see you again
THOR: I am pleased you were wrong.
BRUCE BANNER: So am I. Feels like a second chance
THOR: There is a reason we are all together again. This is meant to be.
BRUCE BANNER: Do you really believe that?
THOR: The fates decide what the future needs, and it is up to us to heed the call
BRUCE BANNER: I hope you’re right about that
THOR: If I am wrong, we will all know soon enough
THOR: Let’s continue to do good. Not for glory or vanity, but for it’s own sake
THOR: We should hold a feast in Oakland to celebrate our victories! Their Shepherd’s pies are among the finest in the land!
THOR: They’ll compose great songs of our triumphs! No doubt they’ll be the hottest of the charts. Am I saying that right?
THOR: Oh! Banner.. come in.

BRUCE BANNER: Do you ever miss home?
THOR: I have many homes. This is one of them, but there will always be a place waiting for me on Asgard.
BRUCE BANNER: So you plan to go back?
THOR: When my work is done, perhaps

BRUCE BANNER: I’m surprised you leave your hammer lying around
THOR: Who would steal it?
BRUCE BANNER: Good point.

NOTE: You can actually try to pick up Thor’s hammer (as long as Thor is not in his room) Obviously Bruce cannot lift the Hammer and he simply replies to this with ‘Good hammer. Stay there.’

THOR: Banner!
BRUCE BANNER: Come on in, buddy.

THOR: Why do you have so many?
BRUCE BANNER: They get dirty

THOR: Have you tried sending this data to Jane?
BRUCE BANNER: This isn’t really her area of expertise. But yes I did.

THOR: Can I borrow another?
BRUCE BANNER: No no no, last time it came back waterlogged
THOR: I didn’t like the ending

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