Serious Sam 4 – All Secrets (Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse – Mission 3) Guide

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Serious Sam 4 consists of many different missions, most of which feature a vast range of different collectibles for you to try and find.

Some of these collectibles include weapons such as the Rocket Launcher, Depots, Armors and more!

So lets try and track these down shall we? We will begin with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Mission 3

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Mission 3 manages to feature a total of 9 different collectibles


For this specific mission our objective will be set to having to Place the First Beacon, as well as that you should also hopefully end up finding yourself near a small shack building that can be found near a small hill (as seen above). It is here where you will want to be for this one.

Now near this small shack building should be a wall to the North East side of this said building (straight North if your character has the shack building on the right), either way it is in this same vicinity just look for a wall.

If you pay close attention to this wall there should be small green bushes and tress around it, the first secret can be found hiding within these bushes.


Continuing on from the last collectible, you can now begin following the quest marker as you normally would. However, STOP when you get to half way up the hill as don’t actually want to be travelling to far away from the actual shack building.

Okay hopefully you have heeded my words and have successfully stopped, now before continuing up the rest of this small hill by the shack building we now want to head right (so basically going from the shack area to the area opposite it)

Whilst you are here you will now want to keep on following the lower path next to the wall (almost feels like a bunker area but not actually being one), eventually this path will take you to a wooden fenced off area, simply SHOOT this wooden doorway that seems to be blocking your path. After successfully getting rid of this wooden doorway, you will then be able to find what you are looking for.


Heading away from the last secret now I am pleased to say that it is now safe to follow the rest of the hill up and out of this area altogether.

Keep on following the quest marker, however keep an eye on the left side too as you will want to head in that direction when you reach a more open area, this open area should have various walls, pillars and on the left a small set of steps too

Keep on heading left and towards a small alcove and then through it and into the next area.

Follow this path around to the right and you should be greeted by a small wooden building.

If you look up and to the right of this said wooden building you should be able to see a structure with wooden planks on that you can jump to, (if you have been following my other guides thus far you will know how much this game loves its platforming), thus you will of course want to jump on to these lovely wooden planks

Your ultimate goal here is to use this wooden plank structure in order to reach the roof top of the nearby wooden building, then from the rooftop use the nearby brick wall to climb on to the actual wall.

Ah what a lovely looking pond! Unfortunately now is not the time for a quick dip, instead if you turn to your right you should be able to see more planks and logs that you can use to get across. So go ahead and follow the next plank across this gap here

At the other end of this wooden plank if you turn around and look up at the wooden plank structure that you walked by, you should be able to see the next secret on top of this said structure, simply jump to it in order to reach it.


For this next one you will want to find the Optional Objective: Key to Success.

Then from there head to the right side of the wall that the objective sign is attached to, then follow the next path at the fork left and towards the actual quest marker

Keep following this same path however, when you spot an alcove to the left head towards it and closer to the actual quest marker.

Here you should be able to find a row of damaged pillar stands, this whole thing now seems fishy don’t you think? Regardless for now at least, ignore these damaged pillars and examine the broken structure behind them

Hop inside this broken structure in order to trigger the actual Bad Karma Trap. You will now be attacked and will have to fight off your next foe. There will be a whole bunch of them but they in all honesty are no match for the Shotgun, just be prepared for it.


Heading away from that rather chaotic excitement now, continue to follow the quest marker once again.

However, stop when you come across a row of large alcove walls and a doorway leading to the quest marker.

It’s time for yet more platforming! You will now want to jump on top of the small wall that is next to the tree and opposite a set of pillars.

Then turn and face the more taller walls to the right of you (if you are in the direction that has you facing the set of pillars and the nearby tree)

Then using these walls you will now want to jump on to each one, kind of like using them as stepping stones. (Just like with any platforming this will of course take a bit of trail and error).

You can however try and reach the next secret by completely bypassing the wall in the middle, as long as you time and position yourself correctly.

Either way the next secret can be found on the far wall and the one closest to the next tree


If you keep following the quest marker you will eventually end up finding yourself entering, what from the outside at least looks like some sort of Gladiator Arena.

However, when you actually enter the what seemed like a ”Gladiator Arena”, it turns out it is just a large open area with several (you guess it) pillars.

As we are here and regardless of whether it is a Gladiator Arena or not, we now want to head to the North West section of the area beyond the grass and to yet more damaged walls

In this next area you will want to traverse to the large alcove near a tree and down a slight hill.

Now here you should be able to spot a large structure in the middle (looks similar to the one we used to activate the Bad Karma Trap), behind this structure are several dark alcoves, we want to be behind these said alcoves.

Whilst behind here you will want to head to the far wall (which will have some nice items for you), however heading towards this wall will more than likely trigger a fiend to come and attack you. Defeat this fiend and do the exact same thing as you just did but with the other wall on the other end of the other one, again triggering another foe to deal with.

Keep running from wall to wall defeating each foe that appears, and you should notice as you keep doing this more red flashing marks (health items, ammo etc..) will keep appearing. You if you have not yet noticed will also be locked in here until each foe has been dealt with too.

The waves of enemies will keep on coming and will grow from one foe to one or two and then to three or four, for as long as you keep repeating this same process over and over. You will just need to keep running from wall to wall and collecting the various red items that appear after each kill, these items will not appear until you have done this process and killed off any foes that may appear.

It can be quite a long process but at least you get rewarded after each round with juicy health items and such.

The wave of enemies will eventually stop when the wall is successfully covered in Health items, so just keep it up until then.

You should also hear a loud explosion nearby too, uh-oh. Now the real fun begins!

Say hello to the Big Rocket Man Pyrone who comes out in spectacular fashion! Now may be a good time to switch to the Rocket Launcher if you have not already done so, have fun!


Following the quest marker a bit more now, you should hopefully eventually come across a statue of a man amongst some wooden plank scaffolding. From here keep on following the quest marker.

The quest marker should bring you up a set of steps near the statue and wooden plank scaffolding. Keep following the path and as you continue the Professor should start talking to Sam about his colleague Dr. Stein and an Alien artifact.

Keep following the path and you will notice that it takes you to a dead end, however it is not actually a dead end after all. If you turn to the left you should be able to spot a small tunnel that you can go through, do so.

At the top of the steps you will want to turn around so that you are once again facing the steps, then shimmy your way onto the area and the grass that is just above the steps you just climbed.

Then follow the grass around and to the left in order to find those much needed Rockets!


Make your way back to the steps that you just recently climbed up and this time instead of taking a more or less right turn, you will want to go left instead.

From here keep on following the quest marker and steps down to be met with a new undiscovered area that holds an Ancient Roman Rocket Launcher. Keep following the rather linear path around and to the left, closer to the quest marker.

However, when fiends start jumping out of the ground quickly dispatch them and then turn left and into a maze type area. More fiends will come and greet you

In this area you will eventually reach a dead end, however on closer inspection there will be a structure (obviously by now we have worked out that these structures are indeed coffins), don’t worry though as Pyrone will not be popping out of this one too. We will however, need to hop into it ourselves.

Inspect the body inside this said coffin in order for an unknown voice to then be heard and for a fight against the man himself.


Leaving the Count behind now, we can now progress with following that lovely quest marker once again. On your way out Rodriguez will contact Sam about Beacon two being set

Keep following the path and head through a doorway with a green light above it. Oh, now this is a rather large open area, surely something is bound to happen right?

Well yes for it is here where we can set our second beacon and be on par with Rodriguez, hey we where not far behind him, still as Sam said he probably did get the easy ones ha!

Anyway after placing the beacon we will now want to head through the nearby doorway with the red light above it. Don’t worry the gate will open, or it should at least.

Through the gate listen to Kenny, apparently he too is finished with his job. Then head on left.

Here we should be able to find several gates, one of which has a green light above it.

However, for the purpose of this guide we want to examine the gate on the right (the one without a light)

Here you will want to keep on firing (it is best to use a Rocket Launcher here) through the gap in the gate.

Keep firing through the gate until you get that lovely Secret Companion Orb Has Been Found message


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