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Serious Sam 4 consists of many different missions, most of which feature a vast range of different collectibles for you to try and find.

Some of these collectibles include weapons such as the Rocket Launcher, Depots, Armors and more!

So lets try and track these down shall we? We will begin with the Gates Of Hell – Mission 4

Gates Of Hell – Mission 4 manages to feature a total of 10 different collectibles


For this first one our objective needs to be switched to Get Back To The Car and by now we should also have the optional objective unlocked too, Collect 5 Samples

It is also rather dark and there is fire everywhere, still we have secrets to find!

During this mission we should find ourselves in a rather open area with as you guessed fire everywhere, during this section you will want to keep an eye on the right side.

When you come across a small alcove you will want to follow and pass through it, here you will get a rather good view of the on-going volcano. Rather too close for comfort right now.

Follow the flames of hell to the right and past the small set of steps here. When you reach a rather long wall, you will need to climb this up to the top. It is up here where you should be able to find the Secret Rockets


From the last secret feel free to drop back down to the lower ground once again, then after doing so continue on North and towards that lovely quest marker.

In the next section you should see a wall to the right of you and the road leading around to the left, ignore all of this right now. Where we want to actually go is behind the wall to the North East

The lava is just poring down here, still we do need to be in here .. just uh.. try not to turn into a crisp heh..

If you carefully follow the path around you should hopefully come across a dead end and thankfully a little less fire to manoeuvre around too, it is here where you will be able to find the next secret!


Heading back around this lava madness now, we can finally go ahead and follow the other path that I told you to ignore (the one that lead around to the left before and in the opposite direction to the last secret).

Keep following those quest markers and head around to the right!

Eventually following this path will lead you to a set of steps that you can go up, do so.

After following the steps, choose the left fork in the path and keep following the quest marker.

However, before heading under the arch above, turn and head left under that arch instead and into yet more darkness.

Whilst here we will now want to follow these dark tunnels right and then around to the left in order to find some scaffolding on the left, and a much brighter area too.

If you keep following this same path to the next right you should find a set of steps, go ahead and follow these up.

When you have successfully reached the top turn and head left, you will no doubt notice the large monstrous Volcano once again. Whilst facing this mammoth turn back around and instead follow the path opposite the Volcano (keeping to the left side though)

Say hello to our next set of steps, don’t follow these up though.

Instead choose to go to the left side of these steps to find an area you can get access to. Pass through here and turn right to meet with a still standing tree, I’m rather surprised this has yet to be burnt down for firewood right now.

Whilst gawking at this said tree turn and face the wall of the right to hopefully find an unlit Torch, pick it up and lets play with it for a bit.

With a Torch in hand we can now go ahead and light it, there is plenty of fire around so go ahead and pick your favourite spot ha! (Just stand near it in order for it to actually light)

With Fire in hand you will now want to place this newly light Torch back where you got it from.

If you then move away from here (perhaps back to the fire you light your Torch with), then return back to the said Torch you should hopefully find your reward just laying there on the ground waiting for you (Time Warp)


Dropping down the nearby stairs to the left of the Torch now, you should hopefully come across a river, well technically speaking a river of hot melting lava.. lovely.. Not a river you particularly want to go for a dip in eh?

Well tough because we are going to go for a dip regardless MUWHAHA! Not really but we will be getting rather close to it.

You can start your dip of death by heading towards the bottom of this once lovely ramp and closer to your demise.

At the bottom you will want to carefully navigate your way across the hot pile of mess, remembering to stick to the right side as much as possible (I was joking about the whole dip of death thing) The right side is safe enough to actually survive this as long as you don’t venture too far off track.

Keep hopping from one rock to the other, whilst also trying to avoid turning into Serious Crisp!

As you keep navigating the large rocks you should hopefully end up coming to one that has the next secret on top of it. (Rage Serum)


Carefully navigate your way back out of the lava and back to the ramp and to ‘safety’ once again.

However, because that was so much fun we now want to turn back around and this time jump onto the little rock island in the middle of this lava river

Then after succeeding at that, you will then want to ascend the nearby steps but when you come to the ledge on the left, shimmy your way across it.

When you reach the first tunnel, proceed to go down it. Man is it dark in here! However, thankfully you should be able to spot the next secret


Thankfully this next one is nice and easy, in fact you don’t even need to travel that far in order to complete it.

Navigate back out of the dark tunnels but staying on the small ledge next to the river of hot steamy mess, instead of turning left in order to rejoin the lovely not-so-hot ramp you will want to turn right and continue down the rest of the ledge. Carefully.

As you get close to the end you may notice something small and orange on this same ledge, hmm, strange.. Try shooting it and lets see what happens..

Oh lovely.. a Lava Monster, how delightful! Well curiosity did kill the cat and all of that, have fun!


Once you are done playing with fire you can now proceed up the small flight of steps, which are also on the same ledge next to the fire river.

Whilst up here you can once again say hello to the Volcano which once again is in full sight, just to remind you of how hot everything is right now.

Anyway continue along the right path and thus closer to that eye-sore Volcano.

Along this right path there should be a wall to the right side of you, you will now need to jump onto this said wall. Oh some lava streams, how lovely.. again lets try and avoid the dip of death.

To be fair it will be a bit difficult to avoid taking any damage during this part, as where you will want to actually be is on the section of rock in between the lavafalls or to put it in a more simpler term, the bit of rock in between the 2 lava streams, just jump over the first stream and the next secret should be there. (L.I.F.E)


What another wonderful view of the Volcano, however for now turn around and head for that quest marker once again. You will know if you are in the correct area as Hellfire will tell Sam to hurry up and that it’s hot enough to fry an egg

Anyway keep following the blue quest marker and you should find yourself passing a bunch of trees, fire will also start darting towards you too at this point, great.. Maybe we will turn into Serious Crisp after all.

Eventually the blue marker will take you to a rather abandoned and out of the way wall, it actually could possibly pass off as an old ruined building too considering the shape and size.

Next to this wall / building will be something on the ground, inspect it in order to complete the Collect 5 Samples Optional Objective

From there head to the wall to the North of this building/wall and you will find that you are in a rather boxed in area, anyway to the North West section of this wall (facing as though the building/wall was behind you), there should be something on the ground here. It is actually a health item and it may be best to at least stand next to in order to well not cause a possible accident for this next part.

Now equip your C4 Detonators and start throwing them around you, you should be able to find where you need to throw them as the ground is a dead give away, so too if the large sticks that seem to be poking out around you. AIM FOR THESE STICKS if you .. have no idea what I’m talking about, but as I said before keep back so you don’t become Serious Toast!

At least 3 Detonators should be sufficient, one in front of you, one to the right and one to the left in order to trigger the next part.

Keep repeating this by throwing another 3 Detonators out into the same areas, if you notice whilst doing this you should be able to hear screams off into the distance. Well these screams are actually several scary looking men all coming for a slice of Sam, using these detonators is an easy way and the best method of defeating so many of them all at once.

Then once its all over the screams will stop and you will be left with a floor full of various health, ammo and other such loveliness.


Keep following the yellow quest marker now, Kenny and Sam will now have a conversation regarding a detour and such, if this happens then well done we are in the correct area.

From here head right, you may think it is a dead end with a lava mess right in front you but it actually isn’t.

Keep to the right side edge of this lava mess, obviously try not to touch the middle of it.

If you do this you should reach a platform that looks climbable, head towards this and look to the ground. Don’t climb this actual platform though but sitting on the floor just before it will be what you are looking for. (Holodecoy)


Navigate your way back out of the lava mess by heading the same way you entered in from and keep following the quest marker. Oh-no Kenny! Your objective will now change to needing to rescue Kenny

Keep going until you have triggered the Kenny and Sam cinematic cutscene

After meeting up with Kenny continue to follow the quest marker. In the next area however, you can then once again ignore the quest marker and instead of going right (which is where the marker is pointing) you should head left instead towards the 3 arched wall.

Use the nearby broken pillar stands in order to position yourself and jump onto the platform that is right next to the Volcano, well you have become quite acquainted by now lets go and introduce ourselves a bit more..heh..

Whilst up here on the platform I just told you to jump onto, you should be able to see the Companion Orb, shoot it in order to obtain it.


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