Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – A Mother’s Love (100% Chapter Walkthrough) Guide

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This page will be focusing on providing a detailed walkthrough for the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, A Mother’s Love story case, which sees both Sherlock and Watson arriving at Cordona

I will be trying to cover as much of the chapter as possible, from collecting the various different files, to unlocking any hidden and missable trophy achievements.

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  • After the opening scene which will see our characters arriving at Cordona, head inside the hotel in order to find our room
  • Here head to the receptionist and interact with the book in order to sign in and get your room number
  • Head up the stairs to the left and we will now need to search for the room 221. All of these doors have their number written on them, so it should be easy enough to find.
  • Whilst we are up here though, there will be a file on the table to the left of room 227 (A Letter Lost in the Hotel)
  • Continue around to the left of the room and head through the open doorway.
  • Head down the stairs (staying on the second floor) and turn and head left to see a member of staff standing outside of our room, 221. Speak to him.
  • We will now learn that our room is not yet ready, typical. We will be told to go and relax in the foyer.
  • Return and head downstairs (to the ground floor) and interact with the food on the table, this will trigger John to go and look at a board regarding a medium known as Luka Ghalichi. Interact with this said board to trigger a scene.
  • After the scene go ahead and take the food from the bar table (Plate of Ceviche), then find and speak to John
  • We will now be tasked with finding clues on a mysterious cane that was left on the table, inspect the following; the cane itself (made of ebony), the strange symbol on the cane handle (a crest depicting a bulb of garlic), and the cane handgrip (head of a golden Javanese statue). Sherlock will then deduce that the cane is expensive and an ostentatious weapon
  • Now return to the area where you originally found the cane. Here there will be a table near the doorway to the receptionist, on it sits a file (Dark Rituals at the Graveyard)
  • The game will be telling us about asking random people questions regarding any potential clues that we find and come across. In order to so this we need to pin the evidence
  • So head into the menu and scroll over to Casebook, here pin The Lost Cane. Now any time you want to talk about something specific, Sherlock will do so.
  • Now that The Lost Cane has been pinned, there will be two men standing by the table we were just sat at, talk to them and we will receive an update regarding the cane. That there were three people sat at the table, one of them was a Navy Officer. Now we need to leave the building.
  • Once you are outside there will be a group of people to the left, by a gate. If you try scanning them with the Concentration button (R1 – Playstation) you will notice that one of them is a Navy Officer. The clues he gives off are (Retired military officer). Note: The other descriptions are actually random
  • Speak to the Navy Officer and we will get another new update, this time involving his name, Mr. Rhodes.
  • Now head into the room where we first found the cane and interact with the door to the left of the stairs, a scene will trigger.
  • We will now need to observe the potential owner of the cane
  • Scan the following; Man’s Face (Red Face – Swollen Reddish Skin), Man’s Clothes (Expensive and new clothes – Rich and fashionable), Man’s Ring (A head of garlic – Doesn’t wear a wedding ring), and the Man’s Hands (Slightly red knuckles – Recently hit someone with force)
  • Now we have some idea as to who this man is, you can select your own personal choice here depending on what you think of this final verdict. However, I personally think that the Bored British nobleman option suits him more.
  • The man will now introduce himself as Lord Craven. However, we are not done here as it seems he is missing a diamond and he wants our help with tracking it down.
  • Feel free to ask any questions you want and we will begin a new case, Ghosts of the Past.

NEXT CASE: Ghosts of the Past


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