Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – Poor Sportsmanship (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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Poor Sportsmanship is one of the many available trophies and achievements, it is also regarded as being missable considering that it is not required to complete the case.

You can complete it during the Mother’s Love case and it requires you to take the easy way out

Below is a simple guide on how to complete and unlock this one


  • During the Mother’s Love case which takes place in the Il Palazzo del Lusso hotel, you will eventually be tasked with scanning a cane, that was left on the table, for clues
  • You can unlock the trophy achievement after you are done scanning the cane.
  • Simply do as John suggests and pick up the cane and take it with you
  • From there return and speak to the receptionist
  • That is all there is to it, short and simple!
  • Of course, this does not solve the case and John won’t be happy with us for trying to take the easy way out. However, still we did unlock a missable trophy achievement


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